About the Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force

The Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force (START) was created in 2005 to respond to the increasing international demand for Canadian support and involvement in complex crises – conflicts or natural disaster – and to coordinate whole-of-government policy and program engagements in fragile states. Through the Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force, the Government of Canada contributes to building peace and security in fragile and conflict-affected states throughout the world.

START aims to:

  • Provide leadership and operational agility by facilitating timely, coordinated responses to international crises;
  • Deliver effective programming in support of conflict management and peace-building, peacekeeping and peace operations;
  • Serve as a centre of policy excellence on fragile states and peace operations;
  • Serve as the Government of Canada's ability to respond to crisis situations.

START’s Priorities

START contributes to DFATD’s priority of effective global governance and international security and stability by strengthening:

  • Institutions and civil society in crisis affected states
  • The Government of Canada’s response to crisis situations
  • International responses to crisis situations
  • International frameworks for addressing crisis situations

START’s Funding

The Global Peace and Security Fund (GPSF) allocates funding to the Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force to address stabilization and reconstruction throughout the world. These efforts are the Government of Canada’s response to violent conflict, political instability, and unrest abroad.

The GPSF is funded at $149.9 million (based on fiscal year 2011/2012) which supports the GoC’s agenda by creating the conditions for safe and secure environments in crisis and post conflict situations.