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START's thematic work is cross-cutting in various priority areas. This work collectively helps to advance stabilization and reconstruction of fragile, failing or conflict affected states.

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In fragile or conflict affected states, the ultimate objective of international assistance, and of START, is to help build a sustainable state that respects the rule of law, that can protect and provide for its citizens, and that includes a thriving civil society. Functioning government institutions and a stable economy can help create the conditions needed to stimulate investment and job creation. As a state’s capacity is strengthened, its dependence on international assistance is lessened, and the international community can begin to transition out.

A successful transition ultimately depends on the capacity of the local government and the local people. While the international community can respond to immediate challenges and provide long-term development assistance, the ability to carry this work forward and to propel development is an issue of local capacity.

START is currently funding activities in seven fragile or conflict affected states and developing analysis on the characteristics of conflict to inform Canada’s work in a wide range of countries and regions around the world. As windows of opportunities appear where the immediate crisis has passed, the focus can begin shifting towards transition planning and realizing Canadian priorities.