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Audit of the Canadian High Commission Pretoria (including Johannesburg and Cape Town)

(July 2003)

Executive Summary

An audit of the General Relations, Consular, and Administration Programs in South Africa was conducted in Pretoria during the period April 29 to May 7, 2002, and in Cape Town on May 2, 2002. An audit of the International Business Development Program (IBD) in South Africa was conducted in Johannesburg on May 2 and 3, 2002. Pretoria (including Johannesburg and Cape Town) was last audited in May 1995.

The Immigration Program in South Africa was audited separately but concurrently in Pretoria by a team from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Interface issues between the two audits in the areas of Finance, Physical and Human Resources, and Information Technology were addressed collaboratively. The DFAIT aspects of such issues appear in the relevant sections of this Report.

Management of the Mission

The Mission is managed on the basis of "one mission - three offices". It is long established and well managed, despite the challenges of the numerous high level visits and having to deliver its programs through three separate offices. Communication and co-ordination between the offices are very good, and special efforts are made to engender a teamwork atmosphere. The HOM also devotes time to her multilateral responsibilities in Nairobi. Her responsibilities are therefore divided amongst four sites, which has added to the challenges of Mission management but not decreased its quality. All Mission programs are individually well managed.

Management of the Mission - Detailed Report

General Relations Program

Frequent high level visits and shortage of resources have forced a reactive style of reporting. A new junior Political Officer position to be added this summer will alleviate some of the pressure in Pretoria. The Political Officer and sole CBS in Cape Town currently reports to the GR Program Manager in Pretoria. Because of the multiple roles he plays in Cape Town, he should report to the HOM, with whom he interacts directly. The Mission has recommended to Headquarters that a Consul General be appointed in Cape Town, but a final decision has not been made. To ease the administrative burden on this officer, Pretoria should assume more of the administrative responsibility for Cape Town.

General Relations Program - Detailed Report

International Business Development Program

The same visits situation has forced this Program into a reactive mode as well. Increased outcall activity is planned, and Headquarters (TCS) is being asked to provide outcalls skills training and tools development for the benefit of Johannesburg, and of missions generally. Johannesburg should increase its activity reporting in WIN Exports Online to include all services provided to Canadian companies. The four other countries of accreditation should be visited at least once annually. The roles and responsibilities of the Mission's Honorary Consuls in the delivery of the IBD Program should be clarified and formalized in written agreements with each one, and an Additional Service Provider list should be developed for each of their regions.

International Business Development Program - Detailed Report

Consular Program

The Consular Program is well managed and delivered effectively. Consular Emergency Contingency Plans for South Africa, Swaziland and Namibia should be completed.

Consular Program - Detailed Report

Administration Program

The Program operates more in an organic than in a visibly structured manner. This works well given the inspirational management style of the Program Manager, but it may not serve others as well. Roles and responsibilities need to be clarified and formalized for all administrative services performed by Pretoria. Similarly, relationships and respective roles and responsibilities need to be clarified with respect to services provided to Johannesburg and Cape Town. This would include standards and levels of service, training, and schedules of regular visits to the other offices. Information Technology services need special attention in this regard. A procedure for Immigration applicants to deposit their visa fees directly to the Mission's bank needs development, with the direct attention of the MCO to ensure successful implementation. Employer/employee relationships involving long-serving individuals retained on contract or in unofficial term positions need to be regularized.

Administration Program - Detailed Report

Recommendation Status

There were 34 recommendations contained in this report, 32 of which applied to the Mission and two for which Headquarters is responsible for implementation. The current status finds that the Mission has implemented 16 of the recommendations and 16 are in the process of being implemented. The two Headquarters recommendations have been implemented.

Mission Resources Fact Sheet - Pretoria

Personnel (FTEs)

General Relations314
Defence Liaison2-2
Solicitor General112
International Development213

Physical Resources

AssetsCrown LeasedCrown Owned

Financial Information 2001-2002
(Includes Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town)

LES Salaries (N012)$889,300
Operational (N001)1,283,000
CBS (Salary, Allowance, Overtime)1,204,000
Capital (N005)239,700

Mission Resources Fact Sheet - Johannesburg

Personnel (FTEs)

International Business Development235

Physical Resources

AssetsCrown LeasedCrown Owned

Mission Resources Fact Sheet - Cape Town

Personnel (FTEs)

General Relations1-1

Physical Resources

AssetsCrown LeasedCrown Owned
SQs2 *-

One SQ is used by the HOM during stays in Cape Town.


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