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Inspection and Evaluation Reports

The Office of the Inspector General and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) carries out independent reviews which include inspections, evaluations and special projects, as directed by the Departmental Evaluation Committee.

Inspections provide senior management with a systematic and independent review of mission operations, programs and management practices as well as an analysis of compliance with legislation and policies. Evaluations provide information on the continued relevance of DFATD policies and programs, the extent to which these programs are achieving their objectives, and the value of their impact. For further information, please contact the Office of the Inspector General.

Inspection and evaluation reports are grouped below by the year of issue, and by reports posted recently to this site. Personal and sensitive information has been edited from these reports (shown in the reports as "*"), consistent with the provisions of the Privacy and Access to Information Acts. An explanation of acronyms and symbols used throughout the reports can be found in the list of acronyms and symbols.

The Office of the Chief Audit Executive was created on April 1, 2008. Information on this Office, and audit reports written after April 2008, can be found on the Office of the Chief Audit Executive Web site. Audit reports released prior to April 2008 can be found under "Inspection Reports" below.

Inspection Reports

Evaluation Reports

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