Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
Symbol of the Government of Canada

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

List of Acronyms/Symbols

AMAArea Management Advisor
CAMANTCase Management (software)
CATSCorporate Automated Text Storage System
CBSCanada-Based Staff
CICCitizenship and Immigration Canada
CMMCommittee on Mission Management
COCommercial Officer
COSMOSConsular Management and Operations System
CRBContract Review Board
DMCODeputy Management/Consular Officer
e3Effectiveness, equilibrium, excellence
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
FAAFinancial Administration Act
DFAITForeign Affairs and International Trade Canada
FISFinancial Information Strategy
FSAAForeign Service Administrative Assistant
FSDsForeign Service Directives
FSITPForeign Service IT Professional
FTEFull-Time Equivalent (Employees)
FYFiscal Year
HOMHead of Mission (Ambassador, High Commissioner, Consul General)
HQDepartmental Headquarters (Ottawa)
HRMSHuman Resources Management System
IBDInternational Business Development (Trade Program)
IMSIntegrated Management System (Financial System)
ITCanInternational Trade Canada
ITPIT Professional
LESLocally-Engaged Staff
LISOLocal Information Services Offices
MAOMission Administration Officer
MCOManagement/Consular Officer
MITNETMulti-user Integrated Telecommunications Network
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
OROfficial Residence (Residence of the HOM)
PAYEPayables at Year-End
PCOPrivy Council Office
PEMDProgram for Export Market Development
PERPAPolitical/Economic Relations and Public Affairs Program
PIFPost Initiatives Fund
PMProgram Manager
PMPPassport Management Program
PRIMEPhysical Resources Information Mission Environment
PUPsPersonnel Utilization Profiles
RAYEReceivables at Year-End
RBAFRisk Based Audit Framework
RFORegional Financial Officer
RICSRecords Integrated Classification System
RMRegional Manager
RSARegional Systems Administrator
SASystems Administrator
SIGNETSecure Integrated Global Network
SMESmall and Medium Enterprises
SQStaff Quarters (housing for CBS)
STCSenior Trade Commissioner
TBTreasury Board
TCSTrade Commissioner Service

AAMArea Management Office - Americas
AAMFFinancial Management - AED, APD, ALD & AAM
AAXCounsellor for International Indigenous Issues
ACAArts and Cultural Industries Promotion Division
ACDInternational Cultural Relations Bureau
ACDXCoordinator for International Cultural Policy
ACEInternational Academic Relations Division
ACEEYouth and Personalities Exchange
ACETEducation Marketing Unit
ACMInternational Platform Branch
ACXAmbassador for Circumpolar Affairs
AECClimate Change and Energy Division
AEDForeign Service Directives (FSD) Services and Policy Bureau
AEFForeign Service Directives (FSD) Policy and Monitoring Division
AEREnvironmental Relations Division
AESForeign Service Directives (FSD) Client Services Centre
AGAAboriginal and Circumpolar Affairs Division
AGCInternational Crime Division
AGDGlobal Issues Bureau
AGDCInternational Commission on Intervention and State Soverignty Secretariat
AGHHuman Rights, Humanitarian Affairs and International Women's Equity Division
AGPPeacebuilding and Human Security Division
AGXInternational Crime and Terrorism Division
AGYYouth International Internship Program
AIAApplication Development Directorate
AIABBusiness Development Systems
AIADApplications Solutions
AIAEDesktop Applications Configuration
AIAIApplication Portfolio Management and Integration
AIAOApplications Infrastructure and Technical Support
AIATCorporate Enterprise Solutions
AIAWInterwoven Project
AICFFinance, Accommodation and Travel
AICHHuman Resources
AICPProcurement, Contracting and Asset Management
AIDInformation Management and Technology Bureau
AIEClient Relations and IT Governance
AIECClient Relations and Marketing
AIEMProject Management Services
AIEPPlanning, Policy and Governance
AIMInformation and Knowledge Management
AIMBInfoBank Project
AIMGInformation Management Global Support
AIMIInformation Management Services
AIMLLibrary Services
AISInformation Technology Client Support
AISASIGNET Account Administration Unit
AISCIT Facilities Planning and Coordination
AISHIM/IT Help Centre and SIGNET Account Adminstration Unit
AISLTechnical Learning Centre
AISNCanada & NCR IT Support
AISQQuality Assurance and Documentation
AISSHQ IT Services
AISTTechnical Support Core Services
AISVHQ Telecommunications Services
AISZClient Support, Central/South America, Middle East and Asia Pacific
AITInfrastructure Technologies
AITCInformation Technology Security Systems
AITEElectronic Messaging
AITMNetwork Infrastructure
AITOSIGNET Infrastructure Operations
AITSSIGNET Engineering and Maintenance
AITVVoice, Alarms and Wireless Communications
ALDLocally Engaged Staff Services Bureau
ALDCLES Policy and Program Development
ALDPLES Pensions and Insurance
ALDSInternational Platform HR Operations (LES and CBS)
ALDTInnovation and LES Employment Renewal
ANAChief Air Negotiator
APDCommon Services Abroad Planning and Coordination
ARAProperty Program Division
ARAFProperty Maintenance and Operations Section
ARAIInformatics Services
ARAKProperty Strategy Section
ARBProfessional and Technical Services Division
ARBCArchitecture and Interior Design Services
ARBMMaterial and Contracting Services
ARBZVisual Art Collection
ARDPhysical Resources Bureau
ARDZFinancial Management Section
ARLMajor Crown Projects Division
ARPProject Implementation Division
ARPAFit up and Renovations Services
ARPEProject Office
ARPTCommissioning and Engineering Services
ASBMission Business Process Innovation and Best Practices
ASCMission Policy, Planning and Coordination Division
ASDMission Client Services and Innovation
ASDFMissions Common Services Finance
ASMMission Client Services
AUDGAuditor General's Representative
BBDGlobal Business Opportunities
BBISector C
BBMSector A
BBRSector B
BBTInnovation, Science and Technology Division
BCDCommunications Bureau
BCDEOpinion Research
BCFForeign Policy Communications
BCFPCommunications Strategies Section - Corporate Issues
BCIE- Communications, Communications Products and Services
BCMMedia Relations Office
BCPCommunications Programs and Outreach Division
BCPHHistorical Section
BCSCommunications Services Division
BCTTrade Communications
BDAActing Assistant Deputy Minister (International Business) and Chief Trade Commissioner
BDMTrade Commissioner Service - Market Development
BDPTrade Commissioner Service - Innovation and Partnership
BFMAssistant Deputy Minister, International Business Development, Investment & Innovation
BIAStrategy and Analysis Division
BIDInvest in Canada
BISInvestor Services
BIW2010 Winter Games Coordinating Group
BMGArea Management Office - Investment, Innovation and Sectors
BMGIArea Management Office - Investment, Innovation and Sectors
BMIInternational Business Opportunities Centre
BMMTrade Commissioner Service - Market Support Division
BMRTrade Commissioner Service - Market Research Centre
BMXPacific Gateway International Marketing Group
BODTrade Commissioner Service Domestic Operations
BOIPEMD and eServices
BOMTrade Commissioner Service Marketing
BORTrade Commissioner Service Renewal
BOSTrade Commissioner Service Overseas Operations
BPAInternational Trade Portfolio and Strategic Analysis
BPDDirector General, Economic Policy Analysis
BPEOffice of the Chief Economist
BPFInternational Financing Division
BPTSME Support and Services
BSDDirector General, TCS - Client Services
BSLConsultations and Liaison Division
BSRTrade Commissioner Service - Regional Offices
BSSeServices Division
BTCInvestment Cooperation Program Division
BTDDirector General, Trade Commissioner Service - Operations
BTIStrategic Initiatives Division
BTMInternational Trade Missions
BTRTrade Commissioner Service Renewal
BTSTrade Commissioner Service Support
CAMArea Management Office - Communications, Culture and Policy Planning
CBFStrategic Trade Planning and Performance Management
CCRCabinet and Parliamentary Relations
CCSBriefing and Correspondence Services
CEACurrent and Structural Analysis Division
CECEmergency Response Centre Division
CEDEmergency Management Bureau
CEEOffice of the Chief Economist
CEPPolicy and Contingency Planning Division
CERPolicy Research and Modelling Division
CFAArea Management Office - Consular
CFDSenior Coordinator for Federal-Provincial Relations
CFDXPublic Diplomacy Program
CFMConsular Affairs Branch
CFMXMCO Renewal Team Office
CFPFederal-Provincial-Territorial Relations
CFSACentre for Learning Advisory Services, eLearning and Administration
CFSCCentre for Intercultural Learning
CFSDCentre for International Affairs Learning and Management Development (CFSD)
CFSICanadian Foreign Service Institute
CFSLCentre for Language Training
CFSMManagement Services
CFSSCentre for Corporate Services Learning
CFXLCenter for Language Training - Trainees
CFXPCorporate Services Learning - Trainees
CLCConsular Informatics Division
CLDConsular Policy and Advocacy Bureau
CLIInternational Policy Unit
CLPConsular Program Services Division
CLPTConsular Training Section
CLSConsular Client Services Division
CMCStrategic Communications Division (International Trade)
CMGArea Management Office - Communications and Executive Services
CMRMedia Relations, Outreach and E-Communications (International Trade)
CMSCommunications Services Division (International Trade)
CNACase Support and Children's Issues Division
CNCConsular Affairs Informatics
CNDConsular Affairs Bureau
CNEConsular Affairs Emergency Services
CNOConsular Affairs Case Management
CNPConsular Affairs Program Services
CNPTConsular Affairs Training Section
CNSConsular Affairs Client Services
CPCCanadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development
CPDPolicy Planning Secretariat
CPDXPolicy Planning Secretariat
CPEPolicy Coordination Division
CPPPolicy Planning Division
CSEChief Economist
CSLConsultations and Liaison Division
CSMInternational Trade Communications Bureau
CSPStrategic Trade Policy Division
CSSStrategic Policy
CXCExecutive Services for International Trade
DCBExecutive Briefing Unit
DCCCorrespondence Division
DCDExecutive Services Bureau
DCDSMinisterial Services
DCLCabinet and Parliamentary Affairs Division
DCPAccess to Information and Privacy Protection Division
DCSStrategic Planning
DFAPolicy & Advocacy Division / Afghanistan Task Force
DFBBilateral Relations and Inter-Departmental Coordination Division / Afghanistan Task Force
DFCAfghanistan Inter-Departmental Communications & Information Services / Afghanistan Task Force
DFDDirector General, Afghanistan Task Force
DFMAssistant Deputy Minister, Afghanistan Task Force
DFRResource Management Division / Afghanistan Task Force
DGCStrategic Communications
DGDAfghanistan Inter-Departmental Communications and Information Services Bureau
DGRMedia Relations and Issues Management
DMAAssociate Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
DMAXOffice of Innovation and Excellence
DMCRDeputy Ministers' Registry
DMTDeputy Minister for International Trade
DMTAOffice of the Senior Advisor, International Trade
DRCPrevention and Conflict Resolution Office
DRCCCounselling and Consultation Services
DSMAAccommodations Division
DSMCConference Facilities and Site Preparations Division
DSMEProtocol – Liaison Division
DSMFAdministration, Finance and Human Resources Division
DSMGParallel Events Coordination Division
DSMLLogistics, Accreditation and Transportation Division
DSMMCommunications and Coordination – Media Division
DSMODirector General Planning
DSMPDirector General Programs
DSMREnvironmental Issues Division
DSMXSummits Management Office
DSRStrategic Planning
DTBBriefing and Correspondence Services Division - International Trade
DTDAssociate Director General and Deputy Corporate Secretary
DTLCabinet and Parliamentary Relations Division - International Trade
EADTrade Policy I: General Trade Policy Bureau
EAITrade Policy Planning Division
EAMArea Management Office - Trade and Economic Policy
EAMIInformation Management and Technology (IM/IT) Division
EARTrade Remedies Division
EASTechnical Barriers and Regulations
EATTariffs and Market Access Division
EBCTrade Policy consultations and Liaison Division
EBDTrade Policy II - Services, Investment and Intellectual Property Bureau
EBIInvestment Trade Policy Division
EBSServices Trade Policy Division
EBTInformation and Technology Trade Policy Division
EBWMultilateral Trade Policy Division
EBXSpecial Advisor - Trade policy
ECDBilateral Trade Policy
EEAEconomic Relations with Developing Countries Division
EEDEconomic Policy Bureau
EERInternational Economic Relations and Summit Division
EETTrade and Economic Analysis Division
EPCAdministration and Technology Services Division
EPDExport and Import Controls Bureau
EPEExport Controls Division
EPMTrade Controls Policy Division
EPMAAgriculture and Steel Section
EPMTTextiles and Clothing Section
EPMVVerification and Compliance Section
EPSSoftwood Lumber Division
ESCClimate Change and Energy Division
ESCCCanada's Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation Office
ESCPClimate Change and Non-Nuclear Energy Policy Section
ESDEnvironment and Sustainable Development Affairs Bureau
ESREnvironmental and Sustainable Development Relations Division
ESSEnvironmental Policies and Sustainable Development Strategies Division
ESXAmbassador for the Environment
FCIDTask Force on International Critical Incidents
FGCEHaiti Task Force
FMCGMuslim Communities Working Group
FSDNTask Force on Sudan
FTAGAfghanistan Task Force
FXITOffice of Transformation
GAAEastern and Southern Africa Division
GAFWest and Central Africa Division
GAFXOffice of the Special Envoy for Congo and the Great Lakes
GAMArea Management Office for Africa and Middle East
GCACaribbean, Central America & Regional Policy
GCBSouth America & Inter-American Relations
GCCLatin America and the Caribbean Commercial Relations
GCDDirector General, Latin America & Caribbean
GCXAmbassador for Circumpolar Affairs
GDCClimate Change and Energy Division
GDCCCanada's Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation Office
GDCPClimate Change and Non-Nuclear Energy Policy Section
GDDEnvironment and Sustainable Development Affairs Bureau
GDEEnvironmental and Sustainable Development Relations Division
GDEEEnergy Secretariat
GDSEnvironmental Policies and Sustainable Development Strategies Division
GEDEconomic Policy Bureau
GEEEconomic Relations with Developing Countries Division
GEMAssistant Deputy Minister, Europe, Middle East, Maghreb & Chief Political Economic Officer
GEMXThe New Way Forward: Political Economic Renewal Initiative
GESInternational Economic Relations and Summit Division
GFAEastern & Southern Africa Relations
GFBWest & Central Africa Relations
GFCAfrica Commercial Relations
GFDDirector General, Africa
GFMAssistant Deputy Minister, Global Issues
GGAU.S. Relations
GGBMexico & North America Relations
GGCNorth America Outreach & Mission Liaison
GGDAfrica Bureau
GGDPCoordinator for Pan-Africa Issues
GGTTSub-Saharan Africa Trade
GHAHumanitarian Affairs and Disaster Response Group
GHCAboriginal and Circumpolar Affairs Division
GHDGlobal Issues Bureau
GHDCResponsibility to Protect Unit
GHHHuman Rights, Humanitarian Affairs and International Women's Equity Division
GHSHuman Security Policy Division
GHYYoung Professionals International
GIDInternational Organizations Bureau
GIFFrancophonie Affairs Division
GIFQSummit of La Francophonie Office - Quebec 2008
GIOUnited Nations and Commonwealth Affairs Division
GIOCCommonwealth and Cultural Affairs
GIOSGlobal Issues Branch - Economic and Social Affairs
GIOUGlobal Issues Branch - Political Affairs
GLAGeographic Area Management Advisor
GLBStrategy & Services
GLDDirector General, Geographic Strategy & Services
GLMAssistant Deputy Minister, Latin America and Caribbean
GLVVisits & Operations
GMAGulf & Maghreb Relations
GMBMiddle East Relations
GMCMiddle East & Maghreb Commercial Relations
GMDMiddle East and North Africa Bureau
GMDPCoordinator for Middle East and North Africa Affairs
GMGMaghreb and Arabian Peninsula Division
GMRMiddle East Division
GMXCoordinator Middle East Peace Process
GNBNorth America Commercial Relations
GNCNorth America Commercial Policy
GNDDirector General, North America Commercial Affairs
GNMAssistant Deputy Minister, North America
GNXAmbassador for the Environment
GPANorth Asia Relations
GPCNorth Asia Commercial Relations
GPDDirector General, North Asia
GPMAssistant Deputy Minister, Asia & Africa and Chief Trade Commissioner
GPMCOffice of the Chief Trade Commissioner
GPUBG Public Affairs
GPXGlobal Partnership Program
GRAEurope & Central Asia Relations
GRCEurope & Central Asia Commercial Relations
GRDDirector General, Europe
GSASoutheast Asia & Oceania Relations
GSBSouth Asia Relations
GSCSouth, Southeast Asia & Oceania Commercial Relations
GSDDirector General, South, Southeast Asia & Oceania
GUAEU Institutions & Southern EU Relations
GUBNorthern & Central EU Relations
GUCEuropean Union Commercial Relations
GUDDirector General, European Union
GWXNAPP Executive Coordinator & Senior Advisor
GXDSpecial Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process
HADAccommodation and Domestic Security
HAFAccommodation, Facilities Management, Audio Visual, and Conference Services
HAFATenant Services and Facilities
HAFPProject Management - Domestic Accommodation
HAFVAudio Visual and Conference Services
HAMOffice of the Area Management Advisor - Human Resources
HAPAccommodation Planning and Policy
HASDomestic Security
HASCSecurity Operations - Commissionaires
HASPSecurity Operations
HASTTechnical Physical Security
HCDServices for Executives Bureau
HCMAssistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources
HECCounselling and Consultation Services
HEFForeign Service Directives, Policy and Administration Division
HESEmployee Services Division
HFDAssignments and Excecutive Management Bureau
HFEEX Assignments Division
HFPAssignments and Pool Management Division
HFREX Resourcing Division
HFXOEmployees Between Assignments and Leaves of Absences
HLDLocally Engaged Staff Services Bureau
HMAAssignment and Pool Management Division
HMATEmployees Between Assignments
HMDManagement and Assignment Services Bureau
HMOHR Operational Services Division
HMOPCompensation Services
HMPHR Portfolio Managers Division
HMRStaff Relations and Occupational Health and Safety Division
HPCRecruitment, Counselling and Promotion Division
HPDPersonnel Management Bureau
HPDAEmployee Assistance Program
HPEExecutive Pool / Heads of Mission Division
HPFAssignments Division
HPMForeign Service Directives Policy and Administration Division
HPMAFSD - Americas
HPMCFSD Policy Advisors
HPMDLoss and Damage
HPMEFSD - Europe/Middle East/Northern Africa
HPMPFSD - Asia/Pacific/Africa
HPMSForeign Service Allowances
HPMXSpecial Projects
HRBHRMS and automation
HRBCClient services
HRBDData Management
HRBMSystems Management
HRDHuman Resources Policy and Operations Bureau
HREStaff Relations Division
HRLLocally-Engaged Staff Division
HRPHuman Resources Policy Division
HRPUUniversal Classification Standard Section
HRSStaffing and Classification
HRXExecutive Office, Human Resources Council
HSCCorporate Classification Division
HSDStrategy, Innovation and Policies Bureau
HSIPrograms for Occupational Groups Division
HSPPortfolio Management and Strategic Planning Division
HSRCorporate Resourcing Division
HSSStaff Relations and Occupational Health Safety Division
HSXPublic Service Modernization Act Project
HXDSenior Coordinator - Universal Classification Standard Conversion Project
IAMArea Management Office - International Security Branch and Global Issues Branch
IASPIntelligence Assessment Secretariat
IBOCInternational Business Opportunities Centre
ICTInternational Crime and Terrorism Division
ICTCSecretariat, Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program
ICXSenior Coordinator, International Crime and Terrorism
IDANon-Proliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament Division
IDCRegional Security and Peacekeeping Division
IDDInternational Security Bureau
IDNNuclear and Chemical Disarmament Implementation Agency
IDPNon-proliferation and Disarmament (Nuclear) Division
IDRNorth American and Euro-Atlantic Security and Defence Relations Division
IDSRegional Security and Defence Division
IDUContinental Security and Defence Division
IDWNon-proliferation and Disarmament Division
IFMAssistant Deputy Minister, International Security Branch
IGXGlobal Partnership Program
IIPStrategy, Policy and Partnerships Bureau
IISScience and Technology Bureau
IITAssistant Deputy Minister, Investment, Science and Technology Branch
IIVAsia-Pacific Gateway Initiative and the Winter Olympic Games 2010
ILXMine Action and Small Arms Team
IMDInternational Organizations Bureau
IMDXPersonal Representative of the Prime Minister of Canada for Francophonie
IMFFrancophonie Affairs Division
IMGArea Management Office - Division
IMMMarketing Division
IMOUnited Nations and Commonwealth Affairs Division
IMOCCommonwealth Affairs Section
IMOPUN Section
IMOSUN Specialized Agencies
IMSServices Division
IPMPrograms and Departmental Security
IPO2010 Winter Games Coordinating Group
IPPPartnerships Division
IPSStrategy and Policy Division
IRCConflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Group
IRDSTART (Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force) Secretariat
IRGHuman Security Program Management Group
IRHHumanitarian Affairs and Disaster Response Group
IRPPeacekeeping and Peace Operations Group
ISCCorporate Security Division
ISCPCorporate Security Policy and Awareness and Education
ISCTPersonnel Security
ISDSecurity and Intelligence Bureau
ISDFManagement Services Unit
ISIForeign Intelligence Division
ISICInformatics Centre
ISIFClient Relations Unit
ISIRSpecial Registry Section
ISIWInterview Program Section
ISRSecurity Operations and Personal Safety Division
ISRARegional Security Abroad
ISRGHeadquarters Security Operations and Interdepartmental Liaison
ISRITechnical Security Operations Section
ISRKMilitary Security Guard Unit
ISRPPhysical Security Implementation Section
ISTInformation and Technical Security Division
IXSProgram Services Division
JAMArea Management Office - Legal
JCDLegal Affairs Bureau
JCSLegal Advisor
JFMLegal Advisor
JLAUnited Nations, Criminal and Treaty Law Division
JLAACriminal Law, Privileges and Immunities Section
JLABTreaty Section
JLACAuthentication and Service of Documents Section
JLAHUnited Nations, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Section
JLCContinental Shelf Division
JLDLegal Affairs Bureau
JLHUnited Nations, Human Rights and Economic Law Division
JLITreaty Law Division
JLOOceans, Environmental and Economic Law Division
JLOAOceans Law Section
JLOBEconomic Law Section
JLOCEnvironmental Law Section
JLTTrade Law Division
JLXOffice of the Ambassador for Fisheries Conservation
JMLLegal Adviser
JPDConsular Affairs Bureau
JPEEmergency Services
JPOCase Management
JPPProgram Services
JPPTTraining Section
JPSClient Services
JUSJustice Legal Services Division
JUSPLegal Counsel to Passport Office
JUSRLegal Counsel to SRD
JWCCentral Operations Directorate
JWDPassport Office
JWDSCorporate Secretariat, Policy and Planning
JWEEastern Operations Directorate
JWFFinance and Administrative Services Directorate
JWMManagement Services and Technology Enhancement Project Directorate
JWMPMajor Projects
JWNNew Business Ventures Directorate
JWOOntario Operations Directorate
JWPHuman Resources Services Directorate
JWSSecurity, Policy and Entitlement Directorate
JWTBusiness Transformation
JWWWestern Operations Directorate
JWXCorporate Planning and Executive Services
LCRCaribbean and Central America Division
LGDLatin America and Caribbean Bureau
LGDPCommunications and Public Affairs
LGXSpecial Coordinator for Haiti and Advisor for the Management of the International Security and Cooperation Business Line
LIAInter-American Division
LMRMexico Division
LSRSouth America Division
LXAAdministration, Finance and Personnel
LXCCommunications & Media Relations
LXDExecutive Director General - Hemisphere Summit Office
LXFFacilities & Operations
LXMAccommodation, Accreditation and Transportation
LXPPartnership and Special Projects
LXRHemisphere Summit Office
LXSSecretariat of the Summit of the Americas
MBCAssistant Deputy Minister (Portfolio: Europe, Middle East and North Africa)
MCCAssociate Assistant Deputy Minister, Trade, Economic and Environmental Policy
MDACircumpolar and Aboriginal Affairs Division
MDCClimate Change Division
MDCCBilateral/Institutional Engagement and Carbon Markets
MDCEEnergy Secretariat
MDCPClimate Change Policies Section
MDDEnvironment, Energy and Sustainable Development Bureau
MDEEnvironment and Energy Division
MDEEEnergy Secretariat
MDMAssistant Deputy Minister (Portfolio: Asia-Pacific)
MDSSustainable Development Division
MDWAssistant Deputy Minister - Trade, Economic and Environmental Policy
MEDEconomic Policy Bureau
MEFActing Associate Assistant Deputy Minister - Trade, Economic and Environmental Policy
MEPDevelopment Policy and Institutions
MERInternational Economic Relations Division
MFMAssistant Deputy Minister, Global Issues
MGHAssistant Deputy Minister (Portfolio: Americas)
MHCAboriginal and Circumpolar Affairs Division
MHDHuman Rights and Democracy Bureau
MHHHuman Rights Policy Division
MHSDemocracy and War Economies Division
MIDInternational Organizations Bureau
MIDXSenior Advisor Multilateral Initiatives and Advocacy
MIHHuman Rights Policy Division
MILFrancophonie Affairs Division
MINAOffice of the Minister of Foreign Affairs
MINTOffice of the Minister for International Trade
MIOUnited Nations and Commonwealth Affairs Division
MISDemocracy and Governance Division
MJCAssistant Deputy Minister (Portfolio: Asia Pacific and Africa)
MJGAssistant Deputy Minister, International Business and Chief Trade Commissioner
MJGXStrategic Trade Policy Division
MJHAssistant Deputy Minister (Portfolio: Communications, Culture and Policy Planning)
MJMAssistant Deputy Minister (Portfolio: Africa and Middle East)
MJWAssistant Deputy Minister (Portfolio: Global and Security Policy)
MKMAssistant Deputy Minister (Portfolio: Corporate Services, Passport, and Consular Affairs)
MKSAssistant Deputy Minister, International Business and Chief Trade Commissioner
MKSAAssistant Chief Trade Commissioner
MMLAssistant Deputy Minister (Portfolio: Americas)
MPDAssistant Deputy Minister (Portfolio: Europe)
MRHAssistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy
MSEMMinister of State (New and Emerging Markets)
MSFAMinister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas)
MSLAssistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources
MSVAssistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources
NADNorth America Bureau
NADXTask Force on Enhanced Representation to the U.S.
NAEMexico Division
NALCanada-U.S. Advocacy and Mission Liaision Division
NAMArea Management Office - Americas
NARUnited States Relations Division
NAXChief Air Negotiator
NCDNorth America Commercial Relations Bureau
NCPUnited States Commercial Relations Division
NCTU.S. Business Development Division
NCXOffice of the Ombudsman
NEDExecutive Coordinator, U.S. Enhanced Representation Initiative
NERU.S. Enhanced Representation Initiative Secretariat
NGMAssistant Deputy Minister, North America
NGMSNorth American Leaders' Summit Division
NGMXThe New Way Forward: Political Economic Renewal Initiative
NMXMexico Division
NUBUnited States Business Development Division
NUEUnited States Relations Division
NURUnited States General Relations Division
PAMArea Management Office - Asia-Pacific and Africa
PCDPublic Diplomacy Bureau
PCEInternational Education and Youth Division
PCEEInternational Youth Programs Section
PCMChina and Mongolia Division
PCRInternational Cultural Relations Division
PCSPublic Diplomacy Strategy and Services Division
PDCStrategic Trade Planning and Performance Management
PDDStrategic Planning Resources and Coordination Bureau
PDRStrategic Planning Division
PDSStrategic Management and Information
PEACurrent and Structural Analysis Division
PEDOffice of the Chief Economist
PEPe3 Operations and Asia-Pacific Policy Division
PERPolicy Research and Modelling Division
PFMAssistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy and Public Diplomacy
PIDIntergovernmental Affairs and Domestic Outreach
PIODomestic Outreach Division
PIPInterngovernmental Affairs
PJPJapan Division
PKEKorea and Oceania Division
PNDNorth Asia and Pacific Bureau
PNSPAsia Pacific Regional Planning and Coordination Unit
PODPolicy Planning Bureau
POLPolicy Planning Division
PORPolicy Research Division
PORHHistorical Section
POSPolicy Coordination Division
PPDMForeign Operations
PPTCPassport Canada
PRDIntergovernmental Relations and Public Outreach
PREInternational Education and Youth Division
PREEInternational Youth Program Section
PREPEdu-Canada International Education Promotion
PRODomestic Outreach Divison
PRPIntergovernmental Relations Division
PRSPublic Diplomacy Strategy and Services Division
PSASouth Asia Division
PSDSouth and Southeast Asia Bureau
PSESoutheast Asia Division
RADSouth and South-East Asia Bureau
RAESouth-East Asia and Pacific Division
RAMArea Management Office - Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa
RASSouth Asia Division
RBDCentral, East and South Europe Bureau
REAEastern Adriatic Division
REBEuropean Business Development and Connectivity Issues
REBEYouth and Academic Exchanges - Europe
RECBaltic, Central European and EFTA Countries Division
REDCentral, East and South Europe Bureau
REEEastern Europe Division
RENNorthern Europe Division
RENBEuropean Business Development Section
REOWestern Europe Division
REOPEurope - Communications and Public Affairs Section
RESSouthern Europe Division
REUEuropean Union Division
REXCoordinator for Reconstruction of the Balkans
RFDAfrica Bureau
RFOWest and Central Africa Division
RFSEastern and Southern Africa Division
RFXSpecial Ambassador for the Great Lakes Region
RGMAssistant Deputy Minister, Bilateral Relations
RGMXSenior Advisor, Resource Review
RLAInter-American Relations and Regional Policy Division
RLCCaribbean, Central America and Andean Region Division
RLDLatin America and Caribbean Bureau
RLHHaiti Division
RLSBrazil, Southern Cone and Inter-American Relations Division
RLXOffice of the Executive Coordinator, Americas Strategy
RLXSSecretariat for the Americas Strategy
RMDMiddle East and North Africa Bureau
RMGGulf and Maghreb Division
RMRMiddle East Division
RMXSpecial Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process
RPDEast Asia Bureau
RPEEast Asia Division II
RPNEast Asia Division I
RRDEuropean Union, North and West Europe Bureau
RRNNorthern Europe Division
RROWestern Europe Division
RRUWestern Europe Division
RSAResource Management Division I - Asia-Pacific and Europe
RSDStrategy and Services Bureau
RSRResource Management Division II - Africa, Middle East, Latin America
RSSRegional Strategy Division
RSVVisits and Operations Division
RWDEuropean Union, North and West Europe Bureau
RXWOffice of the World Youth Day 2002
SAIArar Inquiry Office
SAMArea Management Office - Corporate Services
SCAManagement Services Division
SCMAssistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Services
SCMACorporate Task Force
SEAFOffice of the Secretary of State (Latin America and Africa) (Francophonie)
SEDCommon Services Abroad Planning and Coordination
SERVServices Centre
SIEEvaluation Division
SIPPlanning and Practices Division
SIVAudit Division
SIVPSpecial Investigations Unit
SIXOffice of the Inspector General
SIXPSpecial Investigations Unit
SMCCommon Services Abroad Planning and Coordination Division
SMDCorporate Finance, Planning and Systems Bureau
SMEFinancial Reporting, Analysis and Systems Division
SMFFinancial, Compensation and Contracting Services Division
SMFBManager, Foreign Operations
SMFCDeputy Director, Compensation Services
SMFFDeputy Director, Financial Management Services
SMFGDeputy Director, Contracting
SMFHFinancial Services (H.Q.)
SMFMHead, Cashier and Cheque Distribution
SMFPManager, Payment services
SMFQCorporate Reporting
SMFRManager, Accounts Receivable
SMFSHead, Supplier Accounts
SMFTHead, Travel Accounts
SMFVTravel Modernization
SMOFinancial Management and Accountability Policy Division
SMPPlanning, Program Analysis and Budgeting Division
SMPAProgram Analysis
SMPCCorporate Planning
SMPFFinancial Analysis
SMPGProgram Analysis - Geographic Bureaux and Corporate Services
SMPRFinancial Planning and Reporting
SMPSServices to Government Departments and Agencies Abroad
SMPTProgram Analysis - Functional Bureaux
SMSCorporate Management Systems, Policy and Reporting
SMSCCommunications and Client Support
SMSFIntegrated Management System
SMSHHuman Resources Management System
SMSPCorporate Policy, Reporting and FIS Implementation
SMSSBusiness Intelligence and Salary Management
SMSTTechnical Support and Development
SPAFacilities Management
SPAAHeadquarters Facilities Management Section
SPAPProject Management Services
SPASHeadquarters Security
SPAVMultiMedia and Conference Services
SPDHeadquarters Administration Bureau
SPFProcurement, Materiel Management and Logistics
SPFPProcurement, Contracting & Logistics
SPFSMateriel Management and Logistics
SPLLong Term Accommodation Planning and Policy
SPPContracting Policy, Monitoring and Operations
SPPGDeputy Director, Contracting
SPPMHeadquarters Materiel Support Section
SPSDomestic Security Division
SPSCSecurity Operations - Commissionaires
SPSOSecurity Operations
SPSTTechnical Physical Security
SRAHeadquarters Administrative Services Division
SRAAHeadquarters Facilities Management Section
SRAMHeadquarters Materiel Support Section
SRBProfessional and Technical Services Division
SRBCArchitectural and Drafting Services
SRBDInterior Design Services
SRBEInvestment Analysis, Cost Planning and Contracting Services
SRBIInformatics Services
SRBMMaterial and Contracting Services
SRBTCommissioning and Engineering Services
SRBZValued Assets Program
SRDPhysical Resources Bureau
SRDBBerlin Chancery Project Office
SRDZFinancial Management Section
SRGDistribution and Mail Services
SRLMajor Projects Division
SRMMateriel Services Division
SRMALogistics Support Section - Americas and Caribbean
SRMLMission Logistics Support Services
SRMPLogisitics Support Section - Asia, Pacific and Africa
SRMRLogistics Support Section - Europe, Middle East and North Africa
SRMSWarehouse Management and Transportation Section
SRMWProperty and Materiel Policy Section
SRMZValued Assets Management Section
SRPProject Implementation Division
SRPAProject Management Services
SRPCArchitecture and Engineering Services
SRPDInterior Design Services
SRPEPolicy, Planning and Project Support Services
SRPTCommissioning and Engineering Services
SRSProperty Program Division
SRSFProperty Maintenance and Operations Section
SRSIInformatics Section
SRSKProperty Strategy Section
SRSRRealty Management Section
SSAPOffice of the Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific)
SSFTOffice of the Secretary of State (Foreign Affairs and International Trade) (Sport)
SSLAOffice of the Secretary of State (Latin America and Africa)
SSLFMinister of Veterans Affairs and Secretary of State (Western Economic Diversification) (Francophonie)
SWDBudgeting, Planning and Resource Management Bureau
SWEBudgeting, Analysis and Reporting Division
SWPPlanning and Resource Management Division
SWPAProgram Analysis
SWPRFinancial Planning and Reporting
SWTChief Financial Officer Functions Transformation Division
SXAApplication Development Directorate
SXADApplications Solutions
SXAEDesktop Applications Configuration
SXAIApplication Portfolio Management and Integration
SXAOApplications Infrastructure and Technical Support
SXATCorporate Enterprise Solutions
SXAWInterwoven Project
SXCClient Services Division
SXCAAccount Management Section
SXCHMission Operations and Client Support Section
SXCIInformation Services
SXCPPublic Key Infrastructure (PKI) and SIGNET Remote Access (SRA)
SXDInformation Management and Technology Bureau
SXEIntegration Partnering and Application Services Division
SXEAEnterprise Architecture Division
SXECClient Liaison and Partnering Division
SXEDApplication Development Division
SXEEApplication Environment Division
SXEMBusiness Process and Project Management Division
SXEOApplication Operations Division
SXEPPlanning, Policy and Governance Division
SXGGovernment On-Line Project Office
SXGIGateway and Cluster Development Division
SXGSService Transformation Division
SXIInformation Resources Division
SXIAInformation Availability
SXIDApplication Development and Maintenance Section
SXIIApplication Integration Section
SXIMMail and Gateways Section
SXISInformation Sources Section
SXKKnowledge and Information Management Division
SXKAInformation Management Services
SXKBInfoBank Project
SXKGInformation Management Global Support
SXKIIntegrated Information Management Services
SXKLLibrary Services
SXKPKnowledge/Information Management Policy and Strategy Realization Division
SXKSInformation Organization and Disposition Services
SXMBusiness Management Division
SXMFFinancial Planning and Reporting Section
SXMHHuman Resources Planning and Reporting Section
SXMPProcurement, Contracts Library Acquisitions Section
SXMTBureau Training Section
SXPIMT Planning and Direction Division
SXPAArchitecture and Standards Section
SXPLIMT Planning and Policy Section
SXPMProgram Management Section
SXPQQuality Assurance and Documentation Section
SXSIT Services and Support Division
SXSCIT Facilities, Planning and Coordination Division
SXSHHQ IT Support Section
SXSNInformation Technology Support
SXSQQuality Assurance and Document Division
SXSSHQ IT Services
SXSTTechnical Support Core Services
SXSVHQ Telecommunications Services
SXSXHQ IT Support and Mission Operations - Europe, Middle East and Africa
SXSZHQ IT Services and Mission Operations - Pacific Rim, Asia and Americas
SXTInfrastructure Technology Division
SXTCSecure Systems Section
SXTEElectronic Messaging and Gateways
SXTMGlobal Network Infrastructure Section
SXTOComputing Technology Operations
SXTRInfrastructure Renewal
SXTSDesignated Computing Infrastructure Section
SXTTTechnology Systems Support Section
SXTVVoice Services and Switching Section
TAMArea Management Office - International Business
TBBRegional Trade Policy
TBDTrade Commissioner Service Planning and Policy
TBFExport Financing Division
TBIInvestment Trade Policy
TBLTeam Canada Inc. Trade Liaison Division
TBMBilateral Market Access Division
TBRScience and Technology Division
TBTTechnical Barriers and Regulations
TBXPolicy and Strategic Planning Division
TCDTrade Commissioner Service Overseas Programs and Services
TCEExport Development Division
TCMMarket Support Division
TCSOverseas Operations Division
TCTTeam Canada Division
TCWTrade Commissioner Service Marketing Division
TCXTrade Commissioner Service Renewal Division
TEAMArea Management Office - Trade and Economic Branches
TIAAdministration and Technology Services Division
TICTrade Controls Policy
TICTTextiles and Steel
TIEExport Controls Division
TISSoftwood Lumber Controls
TMAMultilateral Market Access Division
TMDTrade Commissioner Service Market Development Bureau
TMGArea Management Office - Trade Policy and Negotiations Branch
TMGIInformation Management and Technology
TMIIntellectual Property, Information and Technology Trade Policy Division
TMMMarket Support
TMRMarket Research
TMSServices Trade Policy Division
TMWMultilateral Trade Policy
TNNNorth America Trade Policy Division
TNRTrade Remedies
TNSSoftwood Lumber
TOXAmbassador of Canada in support of Toronto's bid for the 2008 Olympic Summer Games
TPBBilateral and Regional Trade Policy
TPCAssistant Deputy Minister (Trade Policy and Negotiations)
TPIBilateral and Regional Trade Policy
TPMMultilateral Trade Policy
TPNNorth America Trade Policy
TPXAssociate Assistant Deputy Minister (World Markets)
TPYChief Trade Negotiator: North America
TRANTranslation Services
TSMEExport Services - Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Division
UAMArea Management Office - Americas
URDUnited States Bureau
UREUnited States Transboundary Division
URRUnited States General Relations Division
URTUnited States Business Development Division
USSDeputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
WMABilateral Commercial Relations: Asia and Americas
WMEBilateral Commercial Relations: Europe, Africa and Middle East
WMMAssistant Deputy Minister (World Markets)
WMMAAssistant Deputy Minister (World Markets)
WMSTrade Commissioner Service - Initiatives
WMTTrade Commissioner Service - Operations
WMXGlobal Operations and Associate Chief Trade Commissioner
WNANorth Asia Commercial Relations
WOAAsia Commercial Relations
WOEEurope Commercial Relations
WOLLatin America, Caribbean, Middle East and Africa Commercial Relations
WOLASub Saharan Africa
WOLMMiddle East and North Africa
WOMEmerging Markets Division
WOSAfrica and Middle East
WSASouth Asia Commercial Relations
WSIStrategic Initiatives
WSRClient Relations
WSSPolicy and Market Strategies
WSTInternational Trade Missions
WTDTrade Commissioner Service - Domestic Regional Offices
WTRTrade Commissioner Service - Renewal
WTSTrade Commissioner Service - Overseas Operations
WXCInternational Trade Missions Division
XDCDiplomatic Corps Services
XDDOffice of Protocol
XDMManagement Services Division
XDSSummits and Hospitality Services Division
XDSHHospitality Services Section
XDSSSummits and International Conferences Section
XDVVisits and Conferences Division
XDVACanada Reception Services
XDXOffice of Protocol
XMGResources Management
ZBDChief Audit Executive Bureau
ZIDOffice of the Inspector General
ZIEEvaluation Division
ZIVInspection Division
ZIVPSpecial Investigations Unit
ZVEValues and Ethics Division

Office of the Inspector General


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