Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan

Alert: Travel Advisory

Global Affairs Canada advises against all travel to Afghanistan.

This year, Afghanistan will witness a number of significant milestones – ones that will involve Afghans taking on a greater responsibility for the future direction of their country, as well as ones that will address the vital needs of democratization, security and peace.

Canada remains committed to helping Afghans create a sustainable future, a more peaceful environment that is safe and secure, a country that is well governed and in control of its own destiny.  While Canada’s military mission has ended, we will continue to play an important role through our Embassy in Kabul in supporting efforts toward a better future for all Afghans.

To that end, building on the significant progress that has been achieved in the areas of security, diplomacy, human rights and development, Canada has committed to 2017 an additional $227 million in development assistance and $330 million to help sustain the Afghan National Security Forces. 

Canada’s engagement in Afghanistan between now and 2017 will focus on:

  • Supporting the advancement of Afghan women and girls though increased investments in education, maternal, newborn and child health, and the rights and empowerment of women and girls. 
  • Advancing security, democracy, rule-of-law and human rights.
  • Contributing to the capacity development for the management of humanitarian assistance.

These priority areas build on Canada’s past programming efforts, support Afghan-developed priorities and sustain progress in key areas that are essential to Afghanistan’s future. Based on Afghan needs, these priorities have been identified as areas in which Canada can continue making a significant contribution to tangible progress in Afghanistan.