Message from the Ambassador

Photo of Kenneth Neufeld, Canadian Ambassador in Kabul, Afghanistan

Thank you for visiting the website of Canada’s Embassy to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a beautiful country with a long, proud history and I am honoured to have been appointed to lead Canada’s delegation in Kabul.

As I begin my posting in Afghanistan I cannot help but marvel at the energy, the vibrancy, and the diversity of the Afghan people. Canadians are also proud of our diversity and multi-culturalism, and I see many similarities between our two countries, including the cold winters!

Our connections were even further cemented by the appointment of the Honourable Maryam Monsef as Canada’s Minister of Democratic Institutions in fall 2015. Minister Monsef is Canada’s first Afghan-Canadian Member of Parliament, and her journey represents both the incredible potential of the Afghan people, as well as Canada’s longstanding commitment to migrants and refugees.

Canada has a long and proud history of service in Afghanistan. This includes the sacrifices of the brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces who served our military mission to assist the Afghan people in their efforts to build a viable, stable, and secure country. Our Embassy continues to work tirelessly to ensure that this hard-fought progress is maintained.

Canada has also played a significant role in supporting the development of Afghanistan. It is worth highlighting that in 2001 there were no more than one million Afghans in school, and almost no girls. Today, more than eight million Afghan young people are receiving an education, including more than three million girls.  As a former teacher at a girls school in Tanzania, I know that this represents significant and lasting progress and I look forward to a day when all Afghan children go to school and get a good education.

The Afghan people have faced much adversity in the last three decades, and they deserve greater peace and prosperity. This is why Prime Minister Trudeau recently announced a comprehensive package of $465 million in security and development support to Afghanistan through 2020. This includes a “Women’s and Girls’ Rights First” approach to our development assistance focused on education, health, and human rights. We believe that lasting gains cannot be made without the participation of all members in society, most especially Afghanistan’s women and girls.

To find out more about Canada’s work in Afghanistan, make sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.  You can also follow my personal twitter account at this link. For Afghans looking to visit Canada, please consult our Visa Application Centre for further assistance.

My predecessor, Ambassador Deborah Lyons, left a powerful legacy of support for Afghan women and girls. It is my honour to continue this legacy alongside our dedicated Afghan and Canadian staff working at Canada’s Embassy in Kabul.

-Ambassador Kenneth Neufeld

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