Development assistance

The Latin America and Caribbean region has undergone a considerable shift from the decades of political and economic volatility to the current context of relative political stability and economic growth. Sustained economic growth and an expanding middle class offer opportunities for Canadian businesses and investors, particularly in the extractive, service and infrastructure sectors. However, despite a 17-percent drop in poverty rates in the hemisphere between 1990 and 2010, 167 million people still live in poverty; inequality and social exclusion remain troubling characteristics of the region.

Canadian assistance, most notably through Canadian development programming, is addressing pressing challenges for vulnerable groups, such as child protection in Colombia, combatting sexual and gender-based violence, improving nutrition and food security in the Caribbean, ensuring healthy mothers and children in Bolivia, and supporting women’s democratic and economic participation.

Partner countries

Humanitarian assistance

Canada has funded international development projects in other countries. Search the International Development Project Browser for more information.