Goal 1: Increasing mutual economic opportunity

Canada views increased trade and investment ties as key to supporting sustainable economic growth and mutual prosperity. Since the Americas were made a foreign policy priority in 2007, two-way trade between Canada and the Americas has increased over 40% and two-way investment has more than doubled. Canada’s links to the region are strong, with more free trade agreements with partners in the Americas than the rest of the world combined (7 of 11).


  • Canada has invested $250 million in financing towards climate change mitigation and adaptation through the Inter-American Development Bank. In addition, Canada has contributed $69 million for climate change projects in 18 countries in the region.

  • Through Compete Caribbean, the largest technical assistance program targeting private sector development in the region, Canada has helped advance national private sector development strategies and action plans.

  • Through the Canada–Americas Trade-Related Technical Assistance program, Canada is building the capacity of small exporters in partner countries such as Peru, Colombia and Honduras to improve their export competitiveness and to facilitate and simplify processing of trade. This will help Canada’s trade partners to capitalize on the benefits of free trade agreements with Canada.

  • Canada is leading the G7 Fast Track Partnership to Support Transparency in the Extractives Sector in Peru. The aim of this initiative is to improve governance and transparency in the sector, in particular at subnational levels, while improving multi-stakeholder engagement between industry, government, civil society, communities and aid organizations.

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