Training of the Jamaican Defense Force search and rescue and counter-terrorism teams

Search and rescue training

Canada enjoys a long-standing defence relationship with Jamaica based on extensive bilateral engagement with the Jamaican Defence Force (JDF).

In 2011, Canada contributed military aviation and search-and-rescue capability to support the Jamaica Defence Force and to conduct essential training for Canadian Forces search-and-rescue teams.  This support consisted of three CH-146 Griffon utility tactical transport helicopters with aircrews and support personnel, including five search-and-rescue teams, for a total of 65 Canadian Forces members.  The task force flew 28 missions such as search-and-rescue and medical evacuation in support of JDF operations between August and November 2011.


Canadian and Jamaicain forcesThrough the Military Training and Cooperation Program, Canada’s National Defence Department (DND) also sponsors the training of the JDF on counter-terrorism operations.

During his April 2009 visit to Jamaica, Prime Minister Harper witnessed first hand the peaceful resolution, by a DND-trained JDF Counter-Terrorism Operations Task Force, of the hijacking attempt of a CanJet plane in Kingston. Negotiations with the gunman had been stalled for eight hours when the Task Force stormed the CanJet flight and rescued all remaining crew members with no injuries or fatalities.