Canada's Arctic Partners

Global Affairs Canada, including its network of Canadian offices abroad, works with a number of key Canadian partners to implement Canada’s Arctic Foreign Policy including:

  • Other departments of the Government of Canada,
  • Territorial Governments,
  • Indigenous partners.

Government of Canada

Global Affairs Canada works with many other government departments and agencies on circumpolar issues including:

Territorial Governments

Global Affairs Canada also works with Canada’s three Territorial Governments on circumpolar issues. Collaboration with the Territories is crucial to the development and implementation of Canada’s Arctic foreign policy, and Canada’s work at the Arctic Council.

For information on Canada’s Territorial Governments or to contact them directly, please consult their Web sites:

Indigenous Partners

Our Indigenous partners are the Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council. Including Permanent Participants in the work of the Arctic Council provides an opportunity for active participation by and full consultation with the Indigenous peoples of the North in Arctic Council activities.

Three of the six Permanent Participants have Canadian constituents:

Canada's support to the Permanent Participants

Through the Canadian International Arctic Fund (CIAF), support is provided annually to the three Canadian-based Permanent Participant Organizations, to allow them to participate in Arctic Council activities.

In addition to the support provided to the Permanent Participants by Global Affairs Canada, other federal government departments also provide funding support to assist the Permanent Participants in engaging in circumpolar policy dialogue and programming activities.