Development Cooperation

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries are home to more than 575 million people, making the ASEAN region one of the most diverse and dynamic in the world. However, disparities in wealth, poverty, unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, weak institutions, difficulties attracting foreign direct investment and corruption continue to depress progress. The region is particularly vulnerable to severe natural disasters, the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. Canada regularly responds to humanitarian crises and disasters with international humanitarian assistance.

Canada's Southeast Asia Regional Program targets poverty reduction in the region by providing technical and financial assistance, supporting the ASEAN agenda on economic growth and improving human rights. This program aims to stimulate sustainable economic growth, strengthen democratic governance and support regional institutions, networks and organizations working on trans-boundary issues. The program is also aligned with the development priorities of both ASEAN and national governments.

Two major ASEAN countries, Vietnam and Indonesia, are countries of focus for Canada’s international development program. Developmental assistance to ASEAN countries in 2011-2012 exceeded $166.78 million.

Left: Canadian team delivers emergency relief to victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines
Right: Canadian development projects support agrarian communities in Vietnam