Canada-ASEAN Relations

Canada became an Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) dialogue partner in 1977 and is one of only ten countries with this important level of partnership. The partners have enjoyed positive and fruitful relations ever since, cooperating on political and security issues, regional integration, economic interests, interfaith dialogue, transnational crime and counterterrorism, disaster risk reduction and other areas.

Canada has built significantly on its relationship with ASEAN in recent years. In 2009, Canada appointed its first Ambassador to ASEAN, and adopted the Joint Declaration on the ASEAN-Canada Enhanced Partnership, which is now being implemented through the ASEAN-Canada Plan of Action (2010-2015) (Overview Full Text). In 2010, Canada acceded to ASEAN’s peace treaty, the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC). At the ASEAN Regional Forum and Post-Ministerial Conference in Brunei in July 2013, Minister Baird provided an update on Canada-ASEAN relations and announced millions of dollars in initiatives to support ASEAN’s community-building objectives.

The Canada-ASEAN Joint Declaration on Trade and Investment, adopted in October 2011, is the first trade and investment instrument concluded between ASEAN and Canada. It provides a platform for regular exchanges of information on opportunities and explores ways to expand and promote trade and investment between Canada and ASEAN.