Development Cooperation

Canada has been delivering aid and technical expertise in partnership with ASEAN
members for more than half a century. In 2009-2010 the Canadian International
Development Agency (CIDA) contributed $144 million to development assistance
projects and initiatives in countries of the Southeast Asian region, including ASEAN
member states.

Trade and Investment Linkages

Canada recognizes the enormous potential of the economic opportunities in growing
and emerging markets, including Southeast Asia. As a group, ASEAN represents
Canada’s 7th largest trading partner, an important commercial ally and a priority market
of the Government of Canada. Over the past 10 years, bilateral trade has increased
by 129%; and in the past five years, ASEAN foreign direct investment in Canada grew
23%. Canada invests more in the ASEAN region than in China and India combined,
registering about $8.1 billion (stock).

In these uncertain global economic times, long-term economic growth and good jobs
are best protected and created by broadening and deepening our trading relationships
and removing trade barriers. Opening new markets for Canadian businesses in
Southeast Asia will sustain and create jobs and prosperity for hard-working citizens in
Canada and in ASEAN countries.

The Canada-ASEAN Joint Declaration on Trade and Investment, adopted in October
2011, is the first trade and investment instrument concluded between ASEAN and
Canada. It provides a platform for regular exchanges of information on opportunities,
and for exploring ways to expand and promote trade and investment between Canada
and ASEAN.

People-to-people linkages

  • The ASEAN region was Canada’s top source of new permanent residents in 2010
    Over 43,000 originated in ASEAN countries that year--twice as many as in 2005
  • Over 8,200 students from ASEAN studied in Canada in 2010, up by 21% since 2005
  • There were nearly 50,000 foreign workers from ASEAN countries in Canada in 2010
    that’s nearly 18% of the total number of all foreign workers in Canada