Canada and Asia-Pacific

The growing Asia-Pacific region is a key priority for Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has reiterated that engagement with Asia is vital to Canada’s future prosperity; in the October 2013 Speech from the Throne and the recent 2014 Federal Budget, the Government of Canada committed to expanding trade with emerging markets in Asia through our engagement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and active negotiations with Japan, South Korea, and India. Canada places great value on our relationships with Pacific and Asian countries: we increased our presence on the ground with 10 new offices in China and India since 2006, committed new resources to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and appointed Canada’s first-ever resident ambassador to Burma in March 2013.

Canada’s engagement in Asia-Pacific has never been stronger. We are committed to playing an even bigger role in the region now and in the long term. Specifically, Canada is working with global, regional and local partners toward three goals: building partnerships; providing development assistance and strengthening economic engagement.

Building Partnerships
Development Assistance
Economic and Commercial Engagement


Minister Fast Showcases Canadian Products in South Korean Supermarket

Video of Minister Fast Showcasing Canadian Products in South Korean Supermarket

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