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Business opportunity at Israeli renewable energy event

Eilat, Israel, November 27-29, 2012 > Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy International Conference & Exhibition is one of the world’s leading platforms for technological innovations in the alternative energy industry.

The conference will focus on the need to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels. Its program will include a variety of presentations, interactive discussions, side events and field trips on topics such as oil alternatives, smart grid, energy efficiency, EV, solar energy, wind energy and biogas as well as natural gas.

With over 80 booths, the exhibition will showcase latest trends in a wide variety of technological innovations and products and present an opportunity to network with over 2,000 of technology providers, policy makers, regulators, investors and end users from around the globe.

This event offers an ideal platform for Canadian companies to discover Israeli business partners.

For more information, visit the event website or contact:
Rebecca Shafrir
Trade Commissioner
Embassy of Canada in Israel
Tel: +972-3-636-3351

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