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Tap into the U.S. healthcare market

Philadelphia, November 28, 2012 > Canadian health IT companies are invited to submit their proposal to attend the 4th eHealth Innovation Summit, organized by the Canadian Consulate General in New York.

The event’s goal is to foster partnerships between Canadian health IT companies, U.S. hospitals and health insurers to accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions.

Ten companies will be selected and invited to participate in a four-day program from November 26 to 29, 2012, in three cities.

Successful applicants will:

  • Take part in meetings with the investor community in New York City (November 26)
  • Present solutions in Philadelphia to an invited audience of top hospital management professionals who will then meet with companies on a one-on-one basis, (November 28)
  • Meet with U.S. federal healthcare agencies in Washington D.C. (November 29)

For more information, visit the event website or contact:
Vincent Finn
Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in New York
Tel.: 212-596-1650

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