International Personnel Assessment Selection System

Overview of the International Personnel Assessment Selection System (IPASS)

Selecting the best candidates for international assignments is a constant challenge for any organization. Research demonstrates that international assignments cost on average three times the employee's salary and that failure rates are higher than previously thought.

Most organizations emphasize technical abilities when selecting candidates for international assignments and neglect intercultural competencies. Although the assessment of technical expertise is a key dimension, the evaluation of intercultural competencies is equally important in identifying the right candidate for the job. A person's ability to adapt, collaborate and effectively communicate in an intercultural environment can make or break a project, international joint venture or on-going operations in a foreign country.

Backed by more than four decades of training, research and evaluation in the intercultural field, the Centre for Intercultural Learning has developed a comprehensive international personnel selection system (IPASS) to assist your organization in increasing the chance of success with any type of international venture. This system comprises two distinct tools: the Behavioural-Based Interview (BBI) and the Intercultural Adaptation Assessment (IAA).