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Soldier, Senator, Humanitarian

A conversation with Romeo Dallaire on Rwandan culture, peacekeeping and Canadian values.

Gannon on Afghanistan

AP correspondent Kathy Gannon has spent 18 years reporting on Afghanistan. Her recent book, I is for Infidel, chronicles events in the country from the Soviet pullout to the rise and fall of the Taliban. In this interview, she discusses the complexities of Afghan culture and the hard work ahead if we are to make allies of them.

Culture Does Not Exist

Strange words to come from the mouth of the father of comparative intercultural research? Perhaps, but Geert Hofstede is not your run-of-the-mill Dutch academic.

Sensationalism Veils: The Portrayal of Muslim Women in Western News Media

Mara Munro looks at media coverage of Muslim women five years after 9/11.