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Sarah Chayes: Not Your Average Activist

This former National Public Radio (NPR) reporter left her job to help rebuild war-torn Afghanistan. She speaks Pashto, occasionally dresses like an Afghan male, and has lived in Kandahar City since the fall of the Taliban.

An Interculturalist in Cairo

Suzie Greiss, cultural anthropologist-turned-Egyptian parliamentarian, has tirelessly worked to strengthen cultural understanding and partnerships in Canada-Egypt development assistance projects.

Walking the Beat in Sudan

William Chan, a 10-year veteran with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, decided one day to apply for an international assignment. He really didn't expect to be selected on the first try.

A Snapshot of New Beginnings in Canada

As Canada approaches its 150th anniversary, Statistics Canada reports that by 2017, 1 in 5 Canadians will belong to a racially visible group. Mara Munro met with 3 women who spoke to her about their experiences immigrating to Canada.