Magazine Intercultures

Culture and Cognition

Richard Nisbett contends that Asians and Westerners "have maintained very different systems of thought for thousands of years," and that these differences are scientifically measurable.

Culture Under the Big Top

When you think of Cirque du Soleil, you imagine world-class artists, incredible scenery and stirring music. Once a small band of acrobats and artists, the Cirque has evolved into a multinational organization.

Vues d'Afrique – Voices of Change

In 1985, a friendly group of journalists and filmmakers reacted to a short but provocative assertion: "African cinema does not exist." In short order, Vues d'Afrique was launched. The annual film festival is an opportunity for a weeklong exploration of films from the African diaspora.

Internet Design and Culture - Unravelling the Tangled Web

Global Internet usage has grown by a staggering 225% since the beginning of the 21st century and has widened its reach to countries across the globe. Along with this expansion comes the challenges of addressing audiences across a broad cultural range.