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Mental Illness and Culture

The West's approach to diagnosing and treating mental illness is sweeping the globe but this spread may be doing more harm than good. In his extensive research around the globe, Ethan Watters, author of Crazy Like Us, depicts several alarming cases of Western mental health beliefs gone awry in non-Western nations. According to Watters, "We are flattening the landscape of the human psyche."

Honour at All Costs in Afghanistan

In her latest film, Act of Dishonour, Nelofer Pazira paints a moving and nuanced portrait of life in a rural Afghan village. Set in the Northern region of Afghanistan, this feature drama tells the story of a young bride-to-be who strays from local customs after befriending an Afghan-Canadian translator.

Intercultural Connections

Lucas Welch is the Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of Soliya, a non-profit organization committed to using new technologies to facilitate dialogue between students from diverse backgrounds around the world.

It's a Swede Life

Michel Benoit is a Canadian computer engineer who has been living and working in Stockholm, Sweden for the past 12 years. Every year in the month of May he hits the road with his musician friend Stiko Per Larsson and his dog Yrrol for a musical walking tour.