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Volume 7, Number 1

Featured in this edition are:

  • Working for Peace in the Middle East
    Daniel Lubetzky is a serial social entrepreneur known for integrating social objectives with sustainable market-driven forces into new business models. In 2009, BusinessWeek Magazine named Daniel among "America's Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs" and TIME Magazine named him among "25 Responsibility Pioneers" of social innovation.
  • A Libyan in London
    Hisham Matar was born in New York City to Libyan parents, spent his childhood first in Tripoli and then in Cairo. His first novel, In the Country of Men, follows the plight of Suleiman, a nine-year-old boy living in Tripoli, whose father is forced to flee the family household by Gaddafi's secret police.
  • Are You Culturally Intelligent?
    David Livermore is a thought leader in cultural intelligence (CQ) and global leadership and the author of Leading with Cultural Intelligence, which was named a best-seller in business by The Washington Post.
  • Volunteering in Mali
    Éric Bertrand went to the heart of Mali to work as a volunteer on an environmental project. When he came back, he wrote about this encounter with the other and with himself.

Volume 6, Number 3

Featured in this edition are:

  • Pakistan's Tribal Regions: The Most Dangerous Place in the World?
    Journalist Imtiaz Gul has covered militant groups in tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan since 1988. His most recent book, The Most Dangerous Place, is a gripping and explosive exposé of a region that is at the forefront of the war on global terrorism.
  • Making News in Pakistan
    Sana Khan is a Canadian journalist working for Internews in Pakistan. Based in Islamabad, she is currently helping train local journalists on humanitarian crisis reporting.
  • Yallah Underground: A Peak at the Emerging Art Scene in the Middle East
    Young artists are challenging the differences between modern global youth culture and their traditional Arab culture. German-born filmmaker Farid Eslam intends to give them a platform to display their work in his upcoming documentary, Yallah Underground.
  • Culture Matters in Agile Software Development
    Robert Biddle is Professor of Human-Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Professor Biddle's research on collaborative software development, or Agile Software Development, has led him to develop games that help developers meet the challenges of working in culturally diverse teams.

Volume 6, Number 2

Featured in this edition are:

  • Mental Illness and Culture
    The West's approach to diagnosing and treating mental illness is sweeping the globe but this spread may be doing more harm than good. In his extensive research around the globe, Ethan Watters, author of Crazy Like Us, depicts several alarming cases of Western mental health beliefs gone awry in non-Western nations. According to Watters, "We are flattening the landscape of the human psyche."
  • Honour at All Costs in Afghanistan
    In her latest film, Act of Dishonour, Nelofer Pazira paints a moving and nuanced portrait of life in a rural Afghan village. Set in the Northern region of Afghanistan, this feature drama tells the story of a young bride-to-be who strays from local customs after befriending an Afghan-Canadian translator.
  • Intercultural Connections
    Lucas Welch is the Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of Soliya, a non-profit organization committed to using new technologies to facilitate dialogue between students from diverse backgrounds around the world.
  • It's a Swede Life
    Michel Benoit is a Canadian computer engineer who has been living and working in Stockholm, Sweden for the past 12 years. Every year in the month of May he hits the road with his musician friend Stiko Per Larsson and his dog Yrrol for a musical walking tour.

Volume 6, Number 1

Featured in this edition are:

  • Helping in Haiti
    Véronique Doutreloux is a nurse clinician working in Canada's Far North. Five days after the earthquake in Haiti, this native of Chibougamau found herself in Port-au-Prince on her first mission as a Red Cross volunteer.
  • Doing Business in China the Streetsmart Way
    John Chan was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. His cultural and business background are a blend of East and West; urban and rural. According to John, being effective in China doesn't have to be as complicated as one would think.
  • Rolf Potts: More than Just a Vagabond
    A globetrotting post-modern travel writer, Rolf Potts has been dubbed the "Jack Kerouac for the Internet Age".
  • Witnessing Beatrice: Life of an Internally Displaced Person in Northern Uganda
    Lara Rosenoff documented Beatrice's story over a two-year period. During this process, she also came to understand her role as a Witness.

Volume 5, Number 3

Featured in this edition are:

  • To Live and Work in Kabul
    Dallas Newby is currently working as an advisor to the Minister of Finance of Afghanistan, Dr. Omar Zakhilwal. He has been living and working in Kabul for the past 11 months. Dallas admits that he NEVER anticipated finding himself in his current role.
  • Thiagi: The Mad Scientist of Performance Improvement
    Dr. Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan is internationally recognized as an expert in learning games for personal and company development. Thiagi is also the inventor of "Barnga", the simulation game of choice for intercultural communication.
  • Are You a Geoleader?
    Dr Wibbeke's book, Global Business Leadership, shows that the greatest challenge leaders face is how to successfully work through cultural barriers to become the best in the business.
  • International Development, Intercultural Effectiveness and Project Team Performance
    Diana Simkhovych recently published the results of her research examining the relationship between intercultural effectiveness and project team performance in the international development field.