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Personnel Assessment - Intercultural Adaptability Assessment

Project Story

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade's (DFAIT) assigns Management Consular Officers (MCOs) to manage the Government of Canada's international network of missions in strategic locations around the world such as in Afghanistan and Haïti.


The role of the Management Consular Officer includes a variety of key activities from managing financial and human resources to helping Canadians in distress in medical emergencies or civil unrests. When faced with such challenges, it is crucial that MCOs demonstrate adaptability, flexibility and sensitivity.


Finding the officers with both the technical expertise and adaptation skills to perform the job successfully can be challenging. That's why the Department's MCO assignments division used the Centre for Intercultural Learning's Intercultural Adaptability Assessment(IAA), an online tool designed to measure the ability to effectively deal with challenging intercultural situations that MCOs might encounter while on duty.


With the help of this unique intercultural screening tool, the Department was able to screen in the candidates most likely to succeed and adapt to highly challenging contexts.

Testimonial: ‘The IAA is an excellent assessment tool that helped us achieve our goal of selecting the best people for the job and is simple to administer.

Marie F. Bérubé
Senior Assignment Officer
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada


Picture of a Intercultural Adaptation Assessment report.

Intercultural Adaptation Assessment (IAA)

The Intercultural Adaptation Assessment (IAA) is an online tool that measures a candidate's ability to judge intercultural situations. The test presents the candidate with challenging incidents that he or she might encounter on an international assignment. In response to each situation, the candidate is presented with four or five possible actions that one might take in dealing with the situation described. The candidate must choose the most effective response to each situation.

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