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Re/Integretion to Canada - Re-entry Workshop

Project Story

Government departments who send civilian personnel to Afghanistan need to provide support to their employees for a healthy re-entry process post-assignment.


Although psychological support programs exist, there is not an in-department mechanism to bring people together to help their reintegration into Canada and to try to make sense of what took place from an intercultural point of view.


In collaboration with government departments, the Centre developed two-day programs that focused on reintegration from high-risk missions. These sessions engage participants in a reflection about what took place in the Afghan cultural environment.


Participants developed new knowledge and important skills which they could make use of in both professional and personal contexts. Their reintegration into Canada was easier and followed a more effective process.

Service: Re-entry Workshop

The Re-entry Workshop assists participants in their return to Canada. It teaches learning strategies to manage the impact of re-entry into social environments and the Canadian job market and helps participants effectively manage reverse-cultures shock.

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