Behavioral-Based Interview Training

Course Description

The behavioural-based interview (BBI) for intercultural competence is an interviewing approach aimed at assessing candidates for international assignments. This three-day classroom course qualifies human resource personnel to use the behavioural-based interview tool kit to assess a candidate's competence in as many as seven different areas of intercultural effectiveness.


Completion of the Centre's on-line course, Fundamentals of Intercultural Effectiveness.


The behavioural-based interviewing for intercultural competence course has been designed for human resource managers, advisors and recruiters who intend to use the BBI to help select candidates for international assignments.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the impact of culture on their role as an evaluator
  • Be able to select the competencies and corresponding competency levels appropriate for the position(s) for which they are interviewing
  • Be qualified to conduct interviews and rate a candidate's intercultural competence
  • Write reports which describe a candidate's intercultural assessment

Upon registration to this course, participants will receive a complete copy of the BBI tool kit and access to the Centre's on-line course, Fundamentals of Intercultural Effectiveness. Upon completion, participants will receive a course certificate and on-going BBI support from the Centre.

NOTE: This course is mandatory for those wishing to purchase and use the behavioural-based interview tool kit. Due to the highly experiential nature of the course design, participants are required to attend all three days, without exception. Qualification will only be granted to those whom are present for all course components.

Course Schedule

This course is available on demand. The course location may change according to the geographic distribution of participants.

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Additional information

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