Courses for Effective International Development Program/Project Delivery

The Centre's Intercultural Facilitation and Organizational Development Unit offers three courses for building capacity within programs and projects in the field.

  • 1. Implementing Change: Integrating Child Rights-Based Approaches and Results-Based Management in an Intercultural and Multi-Stakeholder Context

    This course integrates CIDA training courses in Children's Rights and in RBM. Furthermore, it aims to build capacity to implement sustainable human development using CRBA and RBM in an intercultural and multi-stakeholder context.

    In this course, participants will learn the fundamentals of both CRBA and RBM, as complementary and synergistic frameworks and sets of skills and tools for project/program design and management. This includes learning to design and plan using a child rights-based analysis and integrating that analysis into RBM throughout the project cycle. The course will underscore child participation, and will emphasize skills and tools necessary for project monitoring and reporting. Gender equality will be highlighted throughout.

  • 2. Results-Based Management for the Intercultural and Multi-Stakeholder Context

    In this course, participants will learn the basics of CIDA's Results-Based Management (RBM) as a comprehensive approach and set of skills and tools for program/project design and management. This includes learning to design and plan according to results, but also encompasses ongoing monitoring, management using RBM and “learning while doing.” These skills and tools will enable practitioners to work more effectively with the various partners, and increase stakeholder participation and ownership. An increased proficiency will also be applicable to a variety of international development settings as well as to change management practices in general, and particularly within the contemporary context of diverse actors, stakeholders, and cultures.

  • 3. Facilitation Training and Capacity Building

    The Facilitation Training and Capacity Building Course (FTCB) is a six day facilitator training course for key partners and staff of CIDA funded programs and projects. This course, developed with CIDA in Egypt by the Centre for Intercultural Learning with the CIDA Egypt Program Support Unit (PSU), has proven itself to be a powerful tool and resource to strengthen program/project delivery as well as to support aid effectiveness and development results in general. It is now being offered on a pilot basis in CIDA focus countries, as well as to other to qualifying CIDA projects and programs.