Intercultural Effectiveness Course for Headquarters


Following a needs assessment of the learners, a course is designed based on building and improving intercultural communication skills and creating effective working relationships with those at missions abroad, as well as with foreign embassies in Canada. A variety of learning methods, including simulations and case studies, are used to understand and practice culture-specific interactions. Courses are offered in English, French, or bilingually.


This course is designed to help you, Canada-Based Staff and Locally-Engaged Staff working at a Canadian mission, to increase your individual and organizational intercultural effectiveness. To achieve this, you will increase your knowledge and/or skills in the following areas of intercultural competence:

  • Understanding of the concept of culture
  • Understanding of how one’s culture influences one’s own values, beliefs and actions
  • Mission culture
  • Intercultural team-building in a mission context

Who is this for?

Staff of Headquarters

When and where?

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Additional information

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