Intercultural Effectiveness for Locally Engaged Staff


The course focuses on how to be interculturally effective working as locally-engaged personnel in a Canadian mission, by developing both an understanding of Canadian values and communication styles, as well as those of other cultures. Using concrete examples and theoretical models of intercultural communication, participants learn how underlying values and beliefs affect behaviour and communication pattern and styles, and develop strategies for dealing with differences.


This course is designed to help you, Canada-Based Staff (CBS) and Locally-Engaged Staff (LES) working in Canadian missions, to increase your individual and organizational intercultural effectiveness.


  • Raise intercultural awareness
  • Increase an understanding of how to bridge Canadian and local cultural values and communication styles
  • Enhance interculturally effective performance in a mission context

Who is this for?

This course is provided on request for LES who are in Canada on area-specific training. It is a regular component of In-Canada training for LES Accountants, LES Assistants to Heads of Program, LES Receptionists, LES Property and Material Managers, LES Consular Specialists and LES Political/ Economic and Public Affairs Officers.

When and where?

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