Minister Fast's Official Visits and Events - 2012

Official Visits and Events

  • Canada’s Iconic Products to Benefit from a CETA

    2012-11-13 - Highlighting the many benefits that an ambitious Canada-EU trade agreement would bring to hard-working Canadians across the country.

  • Trade Mission to Latin America

    2012-11-09 - Minister Ablonczy, on behalf of Minister Fast, will lead a trade mission to Peru, Colombia and Panama from November 11 to 16, focusing on the infrastructure subsectors of energy, transportation and water.

  • Minister Fast Visits India, the Philippines and Hong Kong

    2012-11-02 - Minister Fast and Prime Minister Harper will visit India from November 3 to 9 and will then visit the Philippines and Hong Kong from November 10 to 11 to deepen trade relations in the fast-growing Asian region.

  • Trade Mission to Southeast Asia

    2012-10-17 - Minister Fast leads trade mission to help Canadian companies expand and succeed in exciting, high-growth markets of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Burma.

  • APEC Meetings in Russia

    2012-09-07 - Canada supports Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation's (APEC) objectives of free and open markets.

  • Cross-Country GCS Consultations

    2012-08-14 - Minister Fast launches a series of consultations to help refresh the Global Commerce Strategy (GCS). He also receives an advisory panel report on international education.

  • Minister Fast Visits Russia

    2012-06-03 - Minister Fast leads trade mission to Russia from June 4-8 and attends APEC meeting in Kazan.

  • Launch of Cross-Country CETA Events

    2012-04-27 - Minister Fast officially launches 18 events being held in every province. Deeper Canada-EU trade will bring jobs, growth and long-term prosperity to hard-working Canadians.

  • Minister Fast Visits Latin America

    2012-04-11 - Minister Fast promotes the advantages of trade and investment during his trade visit to Latin America.

  • Furthering the Canada-India Relationship

    2012-03-13 - Minister Fast attends Brand India Expo 2012 in Ottawa and says strong people-to-people ties are keys to strong Canada-India partnership.

  • Minister Fast Travels to Washington, D.C., and New York

    2012-03-07 - Minister Fast highlights competitive advantages of integrated Canada-U.S. economies during his visit to the U.S., March 7-12.

  • Minister Fast Visits Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore

    2012-02-13 - Minister Fast leads visits to Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore February 13-15, to promote Canada's active and ongoing engagement in the Asia-Pacific region and commitment to free and open trade.

  • Prime Minister Harper Leads Delegation to China

    2012-02-10 - Minister Fast accompanies Prime Minister Harper on a visit to China from February 7 to 11 to meet with the Chinese president and Chinese premier, and to promote trade relations between our two countries.

  • Trade Mission to Libya

    2012-01-30 - Minister Fast wraps up a three-day trade mission to Libya to help Canadian companies re-engage with the country during its historic transition.

  • Minister Fast at World Economic Forum

    2012-01-27 - Minister Fast highlights Canada as a top investment destination with investors.