Regulation - Order amending the Export Control List

Addition of Controls

1-1.C.11.b - new control on certain high purity boron alloy powders

1-3.A.2.c.3 - new entry for certain “signal analysers”

1-5.A.2.b - New control on cryptographic activation hardware

1-5.D.2.d - New control on cryptographic activation software

1-5.E.2.b - New control on cryptographic activation technology

1-6.A.1.a.1.a - New controls on acoustic seabed survey equipment including certain side-scan sonars and synthetic aperture sonars

1-6.A.5.g - New control on laser microphones

1-6.A.6.e - New control on underwater electromagnetic receivers

1-6.D.3.f.3 and 4 - New controls on software for underwater electromagnetic receivers

2-6.b - New controls on components designed to provide ballistic protection

6-19.B - New control on production facilities for missiles and UAVs controlled under 6-19.A.1 and 6-19.A.2

6-20.A.b - New control on certain hybrid rocket motors

7-2.4 - New control on certain components of toxic gas monitoring systems

Clarification and Changes to Controls

1-1.A.2 - Clarification of scope of Notes 2 and 3

1-1.B.1.c - Clarification of control and note deleted

1-1.C.3 - «relative» added after «initial» for clarity

1-1.C.8.a.2 - ‘glass transition temperature (Tg)' added

1-1.C.11 - Addition of note clarifying the scope of controls of metal powders

1-2.A.1.a - Removal of references to ABEC standards

1-2.B.6.a - reference to ISO 10360-2 updated to reflect current edition

1-3.A.2.d - Control text rearranged for clarity

1-6.A.1.c - Control on diver deterrent moved to 1-8.A.2.r

1-6.A.8.l.4 - Clarification of real time

1-6 - Term “radiant sensitivity” is defined

1-6.E.3.d.1 - Clarification of optical thickness

1-7.A.1 and 2 - entries rearranged and clarified with no change in scope

1-8.A.1.d.3 - Clarification of control on optical data link

1-8.A.2.i .l - Entry rewritten for clarity

1-8.A.2.o.3.b - Entry rewritten for clarity

1-8.A.2.p - Entry rewritten for clarity

1-8.A.2.q - Entry rewritten for clarity

1-8.A.2.r - Control on diver deterrent moved from 1-6.A.1.c

1-9 - Term “tip shroud” is defined

1-9.B.2 - Cascading structure adopted

1-9.B.8 - Text clarified

1-9.D.3 - References to FADEC software clarified

1-9.E.3.a.8 - Clarification of damage tolerance

1-9.E.3.i - Clarification of scope of control on FADEC (previously 1-9.E.3.a.10)

2-2.c - Clarification of control on weapon mounts

2-8.c.5.b - New note to clarify scope of control on metal powders

4-1.A.3 - Definition of robots moved to local definition within text

4-1.B.3 - Technical note referring to probe standard deleted

6-2.A.1.c - Control on certain hybrid rocket motors moved from 6-3.A.6, components of hybrid rocket motors remain in 6-3.A.6.

6-4.C.6.c.l and m - Clarification of composition of certain ferrocene derivatives

7-2 - Text rearranged for clarity

7-2 - Clarification of fluorine content in fluoropolymer coatings

Removal of Controls

1-1.A.2 - Addition of decontrol note for finished products

1-1.C.10.e  - Decontrol note added for chopped, milled or cut fibres

1-1.C.11.b - Deletion of reference to boron carbide

1-2.A.1.b - Removal of controls on certain ball bearings

1-3.A.1.a.4 - Control deleted

1-3.A.1.a.5 - relaxation of controls on Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converters

1-3.A.1.b.2 - Relaxation of controls on MMICs operating between 6 GHz and 6.8 GHz

1-3.A.1.b.3 - Relaxation of controls on microwave transistors operating between 6 GHz and 6.8 GHz

1-3.A.1.b.4 - Relaxation of controls on solid-state amplifiers operating between 6 GHz and 6.8 GHz

1-3.A.2.c.4 - Relaxation of control on “dynamic signal analysers”

1-3.B.2.d.1 - Minimum resolvable feature size threshold lowered to 65nm

1-3.B.2.d.2 - Minimum resolvable feature size threshold lowered to 95nm

1-3.B.1.f.1.b - K factor lowered from 0.45 to 0.35

1-3.B.1.f.2 - Minimum resolvable feature size threshold lowered to 95nm

1-4.A.1.a.2 - Single event upset threshold raised and new note added.

1-5.A.1.c - Reference to underwater fibre optic cable deleted

1-5.E.1.b.4 - New decontrol note for civil cellular telecommunications

1-5.A.2 - New decontrol note for unusable or deactivated cryptography

1-6.A.2.d.3 - New decontrol note for certain encapsulated optical sensing fibres

1-6.A.5.c.1 - New decontrol note for certain dye and liquid lasers

1-6.A.8.l.2 and 3 - Entry deleted

1-7.A.1.a - New decontrol note for certain accelerometers not useful for navigation

1-7.A.3.d - Reference to specially designed components deleted

1-7.E.4.a.3 - Reference to “raster type heads up display” deleted

1-7.E.4.a.4 - Entry deleted

2-6 - Removal of reference to run-flat tires in the note

2-8.a.32.g - Control on NTDNA (2-nitrotriazole 5-dinitramide) deleted

5202 - Roe Herring

7-2 and 7-12 - Ukraine added to decontrol Note