Controlled Products - Agriculture

Beef and Veal

Quota Return and Re-Allocation Policy

Beef and veal quota holders that import less than 90 percent of their allocation in any one year may receive an allocation in the next year that reflects the actual level of use.

Firms that cannot fully utilize their allocation are encouraged to return any portion of their quota that they believe will be unused. Quota holders can return quota by sending a letter, facsimile or e-mail to Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) indicating the amount returned. Firms are encouraged to return their unused quota, if any, as early as possible to allow it to be re-allocated to other importers. The latest date to return unused quota is October 31 each year. Quota returned to DFAITon or before the above deadline will not be considered unused for the purpose of administering the under-utilization penalty.

Quota that is returned under the beef and veal TRQ will be re-allocated to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications can be submitted by sending a letter, facsimile or e-mail to DFAIT indicating the amount requested. DFAIT officials will hold any applications that arrive on or after September 15 each year in a queue until there is a sufficient quantity of returned quota to accommodate the first request in the queue. Applications received prior to September 15 of a year may be accommodated if there is sufficient returned quota available at the time of request, but if there is not, such early applications will be rejected and not held in queue.

In re-allocating returned quota, DFAIT will take into consideration the amount of quota an applicant is requesting. The amount requested must be reasonable and reflect the applicant’s normal usage of non-FTA beef and veal. Incomplete applications (e.g. that do not specify a quantity) will be rejected and not held in the queue. Applicants who do not import 90 percent of the volume re-allocated to them by the end of the calendar year will face an under-utilization penalty in connection with their allocation, if any, in the next year.

If there is only a small quantity of returned quota and no interested applicant, DFAIT may consider other types of requests for smaller quantities (e.g. applicants seeking to top off a load).

Quota returns and applications for additional quota may be sent by mail, facsimile or e-mail, and should be addressed to :

Michael Assad
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
125 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G2
Tel: 613-996-4333
Fax: 613-996-0612