Monthly Summary Export Report - Import for Re-Export Program


A monthly summary export report must be submitted as a Microsoft Excel file. The date completed, name of the company, plant location, month and year must be provided on the file, followed by the following rows and columns:

Rows: one row for each export shipment.


  • Shipment date;
  • U.S. Customs Entry Number (or alternatively, the Bill of Lading number);
  • Finished Product Information:
    • Finished Product Name;
    • Internal Product Code;
    • Finished Product HS code;
    • FInished Product Weight (kg);
    • Value ($CAD);
    • Country of Destination;
  • Imported Ingredient HS code (xxxx.xx.xx.xx.xxxx);
  • Name of Imported Ingredient (For finished products with more than one imported dairy ingredient, use multiple lines as necessary);
  • % (in terms of weight) of Imported Ingredient included in the FInished Product; and
  • Weight (kg) of Imported Ingredient included in the Finished Product.