Notice to Exporters

Softwood Lumber Exports to the United States: Extension of Entry into Force of New Export Permit Requirements

Serial No. 144
Date: September 29, 2006

  1. Notice to Exporters Serial No. 143 dated September 19, 2006, advised exporters of softwood lumber to the United States that effective October 1, 2006, the Government of Canada will require that all exporters obtain an export permit for every shipment of the covered softwood lumber products to the United States by the date of shipment.

  2. Canada and the United States have agreed to extend the entry-into-force date of the Softwood Lumber Agreement to no later than November 1, 2006.

  3. Until such time as the new procedures take effect, exporters will continue to obtain export permits on a weekly basis under the National Lumber Export Monitoring Program, per Notice to Exporters Serial No. 136 dated May 17, 2002.

  4. All exports to the United States will continue to require weekly export permit(s) for each mill of origin. This is applicable to all provinces and territories.