Export Controls Online (EXCOL)

EXCOL Troubleshooting

If there are issues launching EXCOL, or opening documents, the following Internet Explorer settings may be necessary

1. Internet Explorer Security Settings: Trusted Sites

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools – Internet Options
  2. Select the <Security> Tab and click on the <Trusted Sites> icon
  3. Click the <Sites…> button
  4. One at a time, enter each of the following URLs in the
    “Add this web site to the zone” field:
  5. Click the <Add> button for each entry.
  6. When both address have been added, click <Close>
    Click <Ok> to exit the Internet Options window

2. Firewall Settings

Ask your IT Team to ensure the firewall allows HTTPS (Port 443) connections to the following IP/DNS:

DNS: www.excol-ceed.gc.ca


DNS: ak.excol-ceed.gc.ca

3. Adjust the Security Settings in Internet Explorer

  1. On the Security tab, click Custom Level.
  2. Do one or both of the following:
    • In the Downloads section of the list, under Automatic prompting for file downloads, click Enable.
    • In the ActiveX controls and plug-ins section of the list, under Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls, click Enable.

4. Further adjustments:

  1. On the Advanced tab, find the Security section (denoted by a padlock icon)
  2. Ensure that the checkbox labelled “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” is not checked

5. If you have problems with Adobe PDF Reader version 8, you may wish to adjust the following settings:

Click on Edit - choose Preferences

  • select Internet from list: there are 3 web browser options, all should be turned on by default.
  • select Trust Manager:
    • first item "PDF File Attachments" is ON
    • 2nd item "Internet Access from PDF Files outside the web browser" - click
      • choose "Allow All Web Sites" and click OK

The File Download pop-up will open.