Advisory Panel

October 2013

The term of service for the original members of the Office’s Advisory Panel has come to an end. The Panel was first appointed in October 2010 for a period of two years, and members’ terms were extended for one additional year.

The Advisory Panel members served in their personal capacity only, providing strategic advice and input, and acting as an important sounding board to the Office. Members were not remunerated for their service.

The Advisory Panel has proved tremendously worthwhile. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with this dedicated group of global experts who have volunteered their time and knowledge to supporting the development of the Office. The Office expresses sincere gratitude to the Panel members for their significant contributions to our work.

The Advisory Panel of the Office of the Extractive Sector CSR Counsellor has been created to provide strategic advice and input to the Office.

The panel serves as a regular engagement forum for understanding, from a variety of perspectives, the challenges, emerging issues and best practices on issues related to CSR and Canadian resource companies operating overseas.

These globally recognized experts have been selected for their wide ranging, direct and deep experience with issues of social and environmental performance of Canadian mining, oil and gas companies overseas. Panel members serve in their personal capacity and are not expected to represent the views of any particular constituency or interest group.

To avoid any potential conflict of interest, Panel members will not be involved in any requests for review. Specific requests for review, and specific information related to requests for review which is not in the public domain, will not be discussed or shared with Advisory Panel members.

Panel members are not remunerated for their participation.