Summaries of Access to Information Act Completed Requests

July 2013

Table 1: Summaries of Access to Information Act Completed Requests
Request NumberSummaryDispositionPages Released
A-2010-01979All records regarding legal concerns within the Department of Foreign Affairs over intervening in Kosovo between Ottawa and New York Office. Timeframe: June 1998 to March 1999.Disclosed in part361
A-2011-01286Briefing notes, reports, memos, or QP notes related to Minister Ed Fast's trip to Washington in October 2011. Timeframe: August 15, 2011 to October 8, 2011.Disclosed in part188
A-2012-00246All directives detailing precautions to be taken when using Blackberries, phones, email and internet while accompanying the Prime Minister on his February 2012 trip to China. Timeframe: September 2011 to March 2012.Disclosed in part33
A-2012-00248All briefing notes and memorandums that were transmitted to or prepared for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Timeframe: March 26, 2012 to April 23, 2012.Disclosed in part214
A-2012-01466All memorandums and briefing notes to the minister responsible concerning the new CFIA measures and regulations regarding Canadian ice wine. Timeframe: January 1, 2012 to July 30, 2012.Disclosed in part3
A-2012-01955Any documents, prepared pertaining to Canada’s supply-management system in the dairy and poultry sectors in the context of TPP and CETA. Timeframe:  January 1, 2012 to September 25, 2012.Disclosed in part157
A-2012-02944Provide travel/transportation details for Minister from Amman, Jordan to Tel Aviv in August 2012. Include itinerary and travel/transport considerations.Disclosed in part25
A-2012-02945All documents related to Minister's travel from Amman, Jordan, to Tel Aviv in August 2012.Disclosed in part27
A-2012-03098Product Number 01391-2012: Action Memo: UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS).Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03125Product Number 00726-2012: Action Memo: An Outreach Strategy for Canada's Arctic Council Chairship (2013-2015).
Product Number 00636-2012: Action Memo: A Programme for Canada's Arctic Council Chairmanship (2013-2015).
Disclosed in part16
A-2012-03128Product Number: 00481-2012: Info Memo: Withdrawing GPSF 11 041 — Community-based peace-building and conflict transformation program in Samangan Province, Afghanistan.Disclosed in part4
A-2012-03130Briefing Product Number: 02458-2012: Action memorandum: Use of CIDA's International Assistance Envelope holdback to meet Canada's 2012 G8 commitments.Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03141Briefing Product Number: 02500-2012: Action memorandum: Amendment of sanctions on Syria under the Special Economic Measures Act.Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03144Briefing Product Number: 02097-2012: Action memorandum: Concurrence to redesignate U.S. pre-clearance areas at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.Disclosed in part1
A-2012-03150Briefing Product Number: 01901-2012: Action memo: Delegation of authority to the Department of National Defence for the negotiation of a treaty-level agreement with Singapore.Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03151Briefing Product Number: 01899-2012: Action memo: Delegation of authority to the Department of National Defence for the negotiation of a treaty-level agreement with Japan.Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03152Briefing Product Number: 01896-2012: Action memo: International Child Abductions.Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03155Briefing Product Number: 01778-2012: Action memo: Amendment to the Export Control List.Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03158Briefing Product Number: 01672-2012: Info memo: Canada-EU Strategic Partnership Agreement negotiations.Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03160Briefing Product Number: 01635-2012: Action memo: Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act.Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03267List of delegates, briefing notes and Canada's formal statement for the Sixth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. Timeframe: October 15 to 19, 2012.Disclosed in part64
A-2012-03271Briefing notes prepared for the Minister of Foreign Affairs that relate to the supplementary estimates B. Timeframe: September 1, 2012 to November 9, 2012.Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03320Final briefing notes to the minister and deputy minister of International Trade related to the Beyond the Border initiative. Timeframe: July 11, 2012 to February 22, 2013.Nothing disclosed (excluded)0
A-2012-03321Correspondence related to the HISPANET initiative by DFAIT. Timeframe: 2006 to February 27, 2013.Disclosed in part135
A-2012-03501All documents regarding potential labour issues, legality, wage or salary issues or information otherwise pertaining to the working conditions or remuneration or legal status of interns at Canadian Missions abroad.Disclosed in part14
A-2012-03538Any emails sent or received by New York Consul General John Prato containing the words "Nexen" or "Petronas". Timeframe: July 23, 2012 to December 7, 2012.Disclosed in part97
A-2012-03544Provide 2012, 2013 and projected 2013-14 activities and costs of the Canadian US embassy in its advocacy program, and a list of 2012, 2013 professional contracts by the Canadian US embassy for advocacy activities.Disclosed in part134
A-2012-03561Records regarding meetings between Canadian public officials and these two employees of the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo: Alison Minga Mabi and Dala F. Peng.Disclosed in part104
A-2013-00095Product Number 00135-2013: Briefing Book: Cancelled MSFA’s visit to Haiti. Timeframe: January 31 to February 3, 2013.Disclosed in part38
A-2013-00096Product Number 00113-2013: Meeting Note: MSFA will have a courtesy call with H.E. Tuncay Babali, Turkish Ambassador to Canada.Disclosed in part4
A-2013-00099Product Number 03538-2012: Meeting Note: MSFA will have a lunch with Central and South America heads of mission.
Product Number 03539-2012: Meeting Note: Luncheon with the Resident Heads of Mission of the Caribbean Community.
Disclosed in part14
A-2013-00102Product Number 03310-2012: Meeting Note: Minister Ablonczy meets with Haiti’s ambassador to Canada.Disclosed in part8
A-2013-00189All briefing notes received by International Trade Minister Ed Fast and his Deputy Minister. Timeframe: January 2013 to March 25, 2013.Disclosed in part19
A-2013-00195All emails, BlackBerry PINs, and texts, sent or received by Deputy Minister Morris Rosenberg with the words “Iran”, “Iraq”, and “UAE”. Timeframe: January 1, 2013 to April 10, 2013.Disclosed in part51
A-2013-00320All memos and reports prepared for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird in advance of his trip to Cuba in February 2013 concerning the arrest and detention of Canadian businessmen as part of Cuba's "anti-corruption" campaign.Disclosed in part34
A-2013-00345Briefing notes or memoranda prepared for the DM of International trade on Canada's trade balance. Timeframe: September 1, 2012 to January 16, 2013.All disclosed10
A-2013-00461All records concerning current U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and climate change / global warming / greenhouse gases. Timeframe: October 1, 2012 to April 29, 2013.Disclosed in part7
A-2013-00467Lists of recipients and the amounts of grants they received under the Arts Promotion Program. Timeframe: 1993 to 2009.All disclosed239
A-2013-00526The costs and nature associated with the nine DFAIT consular visits made to Aaron Yoon, a Canadian detained in Mauritania. Timeframe December 2011 and May 1, 2013.Disclosed in part35
A-2013-00538Meeting & minute notes between Minister Baird and any parliamentary secretary or delegates from either Syria or the Syrian opposition forces. Timeframe: March 13, 2013 to May 15, 2013.Disclosed in part23
A-2013-00710Briefing notes or memoranda prepared for the DM of International Trade on the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal — List of recommended candidates.All disclosed10
A-2013-00716List of grants paid. Timeframe: April 01, 2012 to March 31, 2013.
List of grants payable. Timeframe: March 31, 2013.
Does not exist0
A-2013-00717Provide the salaries paid to Canadians who trained Brazilian security officials in preparation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics as well as all incidentals and per diems (if any) incurred by the Canadian staff.Disclosed in part1
A-2013-00726All call-ups/contracts processed by this institution in the NCR under the terms of the Any Standing Offer or Supply Arrangement for Temporary Help Services. Timeframe: May 2013.Disclosed in part88
A-2013-00779Briefing notes or memoranda prepared for the DM of International Trade in 2012 and/or 2013 on recommended outcalls and international trade.Does not exist0
A-2013-00787All records sent, received or in the possession of the Embassy of Canada to the DRC in Kinshasa and DFAIT RE: Canadian Ambassador to the DRC, the University of Ottawa, references to the Devonshire Initiative. Timeframe: January 1, 2007 to June 6, 2013.All disclosed26
A-2013-00802Annual overview provided by the deputy head to the minister at the onset of the 2013-2014 FY of the types of contracts that may be issued to former PS in receipt of a PSSA pension.All disclosed2
A-2013-00816Briefing notes or memoranda prepared for the DM of international trade in 2012 and/or 2013 on implementation of the Supreme Court of Canada decision Desrochers vs. Canada.Does not exist0
A-2013-00828Memos, briefing notes, emails and reports related to the case of navy spy Jeffrey Delisle. Timeframe: May 26, 2013 to June 20, 2013.Does not exist0
A-2013-00872List of briefing notes to the Minister pertaining to permit authorizations for exemptions to freezing or blocking assets in Iran and Syria and briefing notes to the Minister, pertaining to SEMA/UN Syria. Timeframe: 2011 to 2013.Disclosed in part14