Summaries of Access to Information Act Completed Requests

January 2014

Table 1: Summaries of Access to Information Act Completed Requests
Request NumberSummaryDispositionPages Released
(Former DFAIT)
All notes, notebooks, journals, diaries, binders or chronicles kept by Richard Colvin. Timeframe: January 1, 2006 to June 31, 2007.Disclosed in part630
(Former DFAIT)
All records related to a diplomatic note prepared by DFAIT requesting support in mail screening from the United States Postal Service in connection to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.Disclosed in part12
(Former DFAIT)
Official reports from the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, the post-earthquake nuclear related developments reports and the earthquake and tsunami reports from DFAIT headquarters, the nuclear emergency advice to HQ.Disclosed in part492
(Former DFAIT)
All correspondence, of internal and external of staff of the Embassy of Canada in Washington related to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Timeframe: August 10 - August 16, 2011.Disclosed in part142
(Former DFAIT)
All records regarding a Canadian international trade branding strategy. Timeframe: July 1, 2011 to November 28, 2011.Disclosed in part248
(Former DFAIT)
All briefing material, reports, action memos and communications products prepared for the minister of state (Americas) trip to Washington in November 2011. Timeframe: October 1, 2011 to December 15, 2011.Disclosed in part167
(Former DFAIT)
Final versions of briefing notes, memos, presentations and emails concerning Canada's interest in China's imports of uranium. Timeframe: August 1, 2011 to February 11, 2012.Disclosed in part24
(Former DFAIT)
Emails and reports containing discussion of Panama's mining policy. Timeframe: 2011 to May 1, 2012.Disclosed in part110
(Former DFAIT)
Internal and external briefing notes on the department’s reactions to requests from NATO allies and the United States to maintain military troops in Afghanistan. Timeframe: September 1, 2010, to December 20, 2010.Does not exist0
(Former DFAIT)
All records to the minister and/or his exempt staff about Libya. Timeframe: June 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012.Disclosed in part104
(Former DFAIT)
The initial draft proposed by DFAIT and briefing notes relating to negotiations for the Prime Minister Harper - President Dilma Rousseff communiqué. Timeframe: June 1, 2011 to December 7, 2012.Disclosed in part3
(Former DFAIT)
A list of all briefing notes and memoranda prepared for the Minister of International Trade. Timeframe: September 1, 2012 to January 16, 2013.Disclosed in part31
(Former DFAIT)
Briefing notes, reports on dealing at CETA for stronger drug intellectual property protection for European drug companies; and dealing with European dairy products receiving favourable treatment. Timeframe: January 1, 2012 to January 25, 2013.Disclosed in part29
(Former DFAIT)
Records concerning the activities of the mining company Nevsun Resources involving its Bisha Mine in Eritrea. Timeframe: January 1, 2008 to January 29, 2013.Disclosed in part554
(Former DFAIT)
Approvals and all major property activities such as construction, purchases, fit-ups, renovations and non-routine maintenance for the property at 196 Soldiers PI, Buffalo NY. Timeframe: June 16, 2009 to December 31, 2009.Disclosed in part380
(Former DFAIT)
All e-mails of Louis-Martin Aumais. Timeframe: une 1, 2011 to April 8, 2013Disclosed in part12
(Former DFAIT)
Memoranda, talking points, question period notes sent to/from the Assistant Deputy Minister level and above regarding Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird’s Spring 2013 trip to the Middle East. Timeframe: November 1, 2012 to April 10, 2013.Disclosed in part4
A-2013-00795RFPs posted for or sent to contractors for providing airport greeting services for DFAIT. All contracts, amendments SAVM has with DFAIT, including contract K0645-05-0001R and KSA20-07-4066.Disclosed in part742
A-2013-00913List of all awarded IT contracts related to the information processing service and to procuring goods. Where goods are involved, specify the brand. Timeframe: January 1, 2006, to July 4, 2013.Disclosed in part403
A-2013-00951All documents and records originating in the North America Bureau or Offices of the Deputy Ministers mentioning or referring to Idle No More. Timeframe: November 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.Disclosed in part83
A-2013-01041The briefing book/binder prepared for the Minister of State (Consular Services) who was appointed in the cabinet shuffle on July 15, 2013.Disclosed in part280
A-2013-01054The six following projects: A034537-001 (Bolivia); A034537-002 (Colombia); A034537-003 (Peru); S065292-002 (Burkina Faso); and S-065129-001 (Ghana).Disclosed in part193
A-2013-01112Latest ministerial briefing book prepared for the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the event there was a change of minister in July 2013 cabinet shuffle.Disclosed in part308
A-2013-01126All briefing materials prepared for a new incoming Foreign Affairs Minister.Disclosed in part308
A-2013-01147Briefing notes prepared for the Minister of International Trade: 03039-2012, 00637-2013, 00850-2013 00589-2013 and 00562-2013.Disclosed in part23
A-2013-01223The briefing/transition binder for John Baird, prepared for him as he continues his role as Foreign Minister as a result of the July 15, 2013 cabinet shuffle.Disclosed in part308
A-2013-01296BN for MINA — Product #00880-2013 — Budget 2013.Disclosed in part8
A-2013-01317Canada-Israel Bilateral Counter-Terrorism Consultations. Timeframe: January 1, 2013 to August 21, 2013.Disclosed in part33
A-2013-01321BN for MINA — Product #03517-2012 — Proposed Amendment to the Automatic Firearms Country Control List.Disclosed in part6
A-2013-01329Briefing notes, meeting notes and memos for the Deputy Minister (Foreign Affairs) related to the DM Committee on Cyber Security. Timeframe: January 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013.Disclosed in part11
A-2013-01440All briefing materials, prepared for the department officials assigned to the meetings in Geneva on April 10 to 12, 2013 and April 15 to 18, 2013 on the Convention on Cluster Munitions.Disclosed in part5
A-2013-01478Names and position of the evaluation committee members who participated in the proposal selection for CIDA SEL 2013-A-033388-01 "Vietnam Skills for Employment Project (VSEP)."Disclosed in part1
A-2013-01486Project memo and supporting documents, approval memo and supporting documents, briefing notes and decks for projects: A034537-001 (Bolivia); A034537-002 (Colombia); A034537-003 (Peru); S065292-002 (Burkina Faso); and S-065129-001 (Ghana).Disclosed in part181
A-2013-01514Briefing Book for Minister Oda’s August 2009 visit to Pakistan.Disclosed in part106
A-2013-01616MINA briefing note 03147-2012 – Mali.Disclosed in part5
A-2013-01619MINA briefing note 02769-2012 – UN briefing bookDisclosed in part99
A-2013-01663All records related to meeting by CAPP rep(s) and French ambassador L. Cannon, dated June 1 2013.Disclosed in part10
A-2013-01693Calendar of appointments and meetings conducted by Andrew Bennett, the ambassador of religious freedom. Timeframe: February 19, 2013 to September 23, 2013.Disclosed in part217
A-2013-01706All records related to CCC Board Review. Timeframe: 2012 to 2013.Disclosed in part129
A-2013-01735Briefing notes and costs associated with the merger of CIDA and DFAIT. Timeframe: June2013 - August 2013.Disclosed in part88
A-2013-01736All policy papers and briefing products whose subject matter relates to war rape/sexual and gender-based violence as a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Timeframe: January 1, 2012 to October 4, 2013.Disclosed in part65
A-2013-01755Documentation prepared for August 19, 2013, meeting between Gary Doer, ambassador to the United States, and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.Does not exist0
A-2013-01834Labour standards in Bangladesh.Disclosed in part39
A-2013-01847In the NCR, the number and types of investigations carried out by Corporate Security at DFATD and reports of all recent/ongoing projects related to corporate).Timeframe: January 1, 2011 to October 22, 2013.Disclosed in part3
A-2013-01900The transition book created for the new Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs) who was appointed in the July 2013 Cabinet shuffle.Disclosed in part280
A-2013-01922Minister Fast’s itinerary for his trip to China in October 2013 including any biographies and briefing materials on the backgrounds of officials and business people the Minister met with in China.Disclosed in part67
A-2013-01923Minister Baird’s itinerary for his trip to China in October 2013 including any biographies and briefing materials on the backgrounds of officials and business people the Minister met with in China.Disclosed in part53
A-2013-01924Approval timelines for projects submitted by four charities organizations. Timeframe: April 2012 to December 2012.All disclosed69
A-2013-01984Communications related to the meeting between representatives of Greenpeace Canada and Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada on October 29, 2013.Disclosed in part13
A-2013-02003All records between Artur Wilczynski and Ukrainian Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko. Timeframe: August 2013.Disclosed in part8
A-2013-02005All briefing notes for the international development minister and/or other Canadian officials related to meetings he/they attended at the UN General Assembly in September 2013 on the Millennium Development Goals and the post-2015 global development goals.Disclosed in part80
A-2013-02010The UN secretary general’s High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 development Agenda. Timeframe: July 2012 to November 2013.Disclosed in part40
A-2013-02015Final versions of internal briefing material regarding which units and positions (selection process) were cut in the former CIDA's reduction of full-time equivalents by 250-300 positions over two years as part of 2012 budget cuts. Timeframe: January 2012 to November 8, 2013.Disclosed in part171
A-2013-02020All records, related to consultations with Canadians regarding the Arms Trade Treaty. Timeframe: January2013 to November 8, 2013.Disclosed in part99
A-2013-02033All documents related to CANDU Energy’s communications with Susan Bincoletto, Assistant Deputy Minister, Investment, Innovation, Business and DFATD. Timeframe: August 1, 2013 and October 15, 2013.Does not exist0
A-2013-02038Any assessments, presentations, memoranda or briefs related to nuclear safety in South Korea. Timeframe: January 1, 2013 to November 1, 2013.Disclosed in part8
A-2013-02050All expense forms, submitted by or for Brig-Gen. Michael Pearson as military advisor to Canada's Ambassador to the United Nations.Disclosed in part11
A-2013-02065A list of all briefing notes prepared for the Minister of International Trade and his deputy minister between. Timeframe: August 1, 2013 and November 11, 2013.Disclosed in part14
A-2013-02068Records related to project "Maternal and Child HIV/AIDS Health Care and Promotion" and the Salvation Army Howard Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe.Disclosed in part3
A-2013-02071Canadian submissions to the Counter-terrorism Action Group (CTAG) regarding the assistance programs matrix. Submissions for: 2005, 2007, 2010, and 2012.Disclosed in part134
A-2013-02095Records which relate to the creation or amendment of any departmental or government-wide template, manual, or guidelines for the production (and/or training of staff in the production) of briefing note and/or memoranda.All disclosed21
A-2013-02098Documentation and correspondence pertaining to visit by Bev Oda and staff to Africa in July 2011.Disclosed in part27
A-2013-02111DFATD Country Strategies for Honduras and Colombia and the first drafts of those Strategies. In addition, please provide the guidelines on Strategy development.All disclosed23
A-2013-02117Reports or files from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development related to Mr. Ni Ritao, Sun Wave Forest Products or Bamboo Forest products in China.Disclosed in part5
A-2013-02122A list of all briefing notes, memos, presentations and reports addressed to the International Trade Minister. Timeframe: August 1, 2013 to November 12, 2013.Disclosed in part9
A-2013-02124A list of all briefing notes, memos, presentations and reports addressed to the Deputy Minister (International Trade). Timeframe: August 1, 2013 to November 12, 2013.Disclosed in part5
A-2013-02211Reports, briefing notes and other records not released publicly, concerning the Canadian-funded bio-security lab in Kyrgystan and related issues, produced over the last 18 months.Nothing disclosed (exemption)0
A-2013-02224Records showing annual expenditures for rental vehicles, contracts for writing speeches for MINA, taxi charges for employees at 125 Sussex, as well as lists of contracts, prices and types of promotional items. Timeframe: 2006 to December 5, 2013.All disclosed11
A-2013-02229Date, title, value, completion date and where the services were rendered for each contract between Goeffrey Allsebrook & Associates Inc. (GAA Inc.) and the Gov. of Can. or any of its agencies. Timeframe: January 1, 1983 to December 5, 2013.All disclosed5
A-2013-02245ATI Requests submitted to Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada for records pertaining to the revelations made in the book “La Bataille Londre” authored by M. Frédéric Bastien.Does not exist0
A-2013-02253The working text of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, including all chapters, annexes, reservations and tariff schedules.Nothing disclosed (exemption)0
A-2013-02270All documentation related to SNC-Lavalin’s communications or meetings with deputy minister Simon Kennedy in February 2013.Disclosed in part30
A-2013-02274Documents and correspondence related to Cameco’s communications with Stewart Beck, High Commissioner to India in April 2013.Does not exist0
A-2013-02294Records that were generated regarding the Prime Minister’s announced trip to Israel at the Jewish National Fund’s annual Negev Dinner on November 30, 2013.Disclosed in part1
A-2013-02337Final versions of reports, assessments, presentations, memoranda, and correspondence provided to or created by Canada’s rep at the IAEA related to, describing or analyzing the meeting of the IAEA’s Board of Governors and General Conference in 2013.Disclosed in part75
A-2013-02354Templates, guidelines, standards, policies and other guidance used by your organization in preparing memoranda to your minister or briefing notes for your minister.All disclosed49
A-2013-02356Records related to requests to export the following North Korea: wood telephone poles, fence posts, other wood in rough, lumber, plus exports related to transistors, turbinesa and semi-conductors.Does not exist0
A-2013-02627Results of research to find the source and intensity of the Windsor Hum BN for MINA Product # 00116-2013.All disclosed4