Completed access to information requests, August 2012

Table 1: Completed access to information requests, August 2012
Request numberSummary of the requestDispositionNumber of pages disclosed
A-2011-00328All emails (with attachments if applicable) sent to and from CIDA president Margaret Biggs' email account during the week of Dec. 6-10, 2010Disclosed in part542
A-2011-00497Details of payments made towards project #S065239-001, within the last 7 years (February 06, 2005 to February 06, 2012), including amount, dates and to which agency. Include any follow up within the last 7 years (February 06, 2005 to February 06, 2012)Disclosed in part141
A-2011-00530A copy of correspondence (including via email) and agreements between CIDA and its partners regarding project number S065292-002 ''Capacity-Building to Grow the Economy: a Public-Private Partnership'' (Burkina Faso) Jan 2010 to Mar 9, 2012Disclosed in part209
A-2011-00545Briefing notes (including attachments) regarding Dahla Dam project dated from Aug 25, 2011 to the present date (March 19, 2012). Finals only or latest drafts. Exclude cabinet confidencesNothing disclosed (exemption)0
A-2011-00553Briefing notes identified in request A-2010-00359. Synopsis : Mali - continuing education for primary teachers and evaluation of primary school learning in Mali; Document no : 15486 - support for justice development in Mali; Document no. 15622Disclosed in part23
A-2012-00019T-20625 - Options for travel to the Americas in January 2012; T-20174 - Haiti - Champs de Mars Housing Project; T-20873 Haiti Country StrategyDisclosed in part20
A-2012-00020Cambodia - Land reform and CIDA programming in Cambodia Mongolia country strategy / Detention in Burma of two Burmese medics working on a CIDA funded / Sri Lanka - Lessons learned and reconciliation commission reportDisclosed in part28
A-2012-00036For 2011, documents containing discussion of Afghanistan's mining policy and Ministry of MinesDisclosed in part13
A-2012-00037Relevant documents related to the ''Andean Regional Initiative '' allocating $20 million from CIDA for humanitarian projects executed in cooperation with mining companies in Latin America. Obtain copies of all documents - memos, briefings, summaries, exchange of correspondence - explaining in detail the criteria for allocating funds to these projects, the objectives pursued, the implementation schedule, the countries targeted, and contributions already made from January 1, 2011, to April 10, 2012. Exclude information requiring consultation with the Privy Council Office, for potential Cabinet confidences.Disclosed in part807
A-2012-00055Receipts, invoices and guest lists detailing travel and hospitality expenses claimed by Minister of International Co-operation Bev Oda to participate at the United Nations General Assembly in New York and the World Bank annual meetings in Washington from 2011-09-18 to 2011-09-24.Disclosed in part35
A-2012-00088Access to the reports that track rejected proposals and the records that were created in response to those reports. The reports were referenced in request A-2010-00359Disclosed in part468
A-2012-00095Bev Oda's hotel bills for trips to New York and Washington between 2011-09-18 and 2011-09-24Disclosed in part101
A-2012-00144Request information regarding funding by Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School District No.1 to CIDA from 2008-2011Disclosed in part197
A-2012-00165Implementation of new projects in Haiti since the January 2010 earthquakeDisclosed in part7
A-2012-00168QP notes and memorandums - D0293W2012 - increasing Canada's deployment of police officers to the European Union Coordinating Office for Palestinian support (EUPOL COPPS)Disclosed in part3
A-2012-00181Records concerning a ministerial announcement regarding CIDA's Economy Sustainable Growth Strategy on October 25, 2010 in TorontoDisclosed in part54
A-2012-00207List from the department's document tracking system for briefing notes, deck presentations, and memorandums submitted to the Minister for the period April 1, 2012 to May 31, 2012. Cabinet confidences to be excludedDisclosed in part3
A-2012-00211All financial records that relate to Minister Oda's trip to Mongolia August 21-29, 2011Disclosed in part49
A-2012-00213Information-scenario for the Summit of the Americas; information-refocusing the Bolivia program; OAS-CIDA COOPERATION plan 2011-2014; information request for assistanceDisclosed in part20
A-2012-00225The first unmodified version of Minister Bev Oda's travel expense report for her participation at the 4th Forum on Aid Effectiveness from 2011-11-26 to 2011-12-02Disclosed in part29
A-2012-00263The final version of CIDA's Humanitarian Assistance Strategy, or most recent draft produced subsequent to the 17 August 2011. The draft can exclude text requiring consultation with other government departments.Disclosed in part12
A-2012-00280Travel and hospitality expenses for the Minister for New York 2011-09-18 to 2011-09-24Disclosed in part101
A-2012-00285Hospitality expenses for the Minister for Montréal, Quebec 2011-01-10 to 2011-01-12Disclosed in part19
A-2012-00293Travel and hospitality expenses for the Minister for Halifax, Nova Scotia 2010-02-17 to 2010-02-18Disclosed in part18
A-2012-00300All CALLUPS processed by this institution in the National Capital Region under the terms of the any standing offer and/or supply arrangement for Temporary Help Services during the period: June 2012Disclosed in part24
A-2012-00301Documentation which indicates all appointments Term and Casual employees by this institution in the National Capital Region under the terms of the Public Service Employment Act during the period: June 2012All disclosed1
A-2012-00304All receipts and itineraries for Minister Oda and MINO STAFF for international and domestic travel from Dec 2, 2011 to March 1, 2012Disclosed in part22
A-2012-00308All records related to expenses incurred by Minister Oda during her trip to New York in September 2011Disclosed in part101
A-2012-00318All records related to expenses incurred by Minister Oda's during her trip to Portugal, the UK and Italy from June 8-17Disclosed in part208
A-2012-00344All records regarding contracts awarded to Tundra Group, Tundra Strategies, Tundra MDS, Tundra Rescue and Tundra Academy from 2001 to present (July 24, 2012).No record exists0
A-2012-00348Bamboo Laminates Micro-Enterprise for Southeast Nepal Executing Agency / Partner Organisation: Habitat for Humanity Canada. Materials prepared by / for CIDA that address project performance post CIDA letter to Executing Agency/after June 1, 2011No record exists0
A-2012-00356Colombia and Afghanistan Country Program Evaluation (2012)No record exists0
A-2012-00369All briefings notes for the minister and/or deputy created between July 30, 2012 and Aug 16, 2012 concerning the Canadian Relief for SyriaNo record exists0