Completed access to information requests, September 2012

Table 1: Completed access to information requests, September 2012
Request numberSummary of the requestDispositionNumber of pages disclosed
A-2011-00312All case files related to two cases of false or fraudulent claims for grants and contributions, which resulted in a loss of $65,000, as referenced in the 2010-11 Public Accounts of Canada.Disclosed in part26
A-2011-00558Briefing notes identified in request A-2010-00359. Synopsis: Egypt - approval of the decent employment for youth project in Egypt. Document no. 17276Disclosed in part14
A-2011-00568Requesting CIDA Doc. Number 19578 EMMAP - Afghanistan - Arghandab Irrigation Rehabilitation Project (AIRPI) Dalha DamDisclosed in part8
A-2012-00009Briefing notes identified in request A-2010-00302.
1) Synopsis: Recommendations for mine Europe travel - June, 2011; document no. 18534
2) Synopsis: Information - Afghanistan - consultation report on CIDA's programming priorities in Afghanistan for 2011-2014; document no. 16920
Disclosed in part22
A-2012-00023T-18824 - EMMAP Information - Pakistan - Report of Financial Irregularities in the Pakistan-Canada Debt Conversion Initiative in Sindh Province
T-18758 - EMMAP Information - Afghanistan - Afghanistan Update on Women's Human Rights Program Planning
T-19321 - EMMAP Libya - Follow up to NGO roundtable on Libya (July 28, 2011).
T-19731 - EMMAP Information - CIDA in post conflict Libya
T-19258 - EMMAP UN Women-Women in Democratic Transition Project in Egypt
Disclosed in part31
A-2012-00026T-18553 - MGPB - Information - Libya - Crisis in Libya
T-18578 - MGPB - GAVI Pledging conference (updated June 2011)
T-18681 - MGPB - Source of funds for increase to GAVI funding
T-18762 - MGPB - Information - Update on the partnership for maternal, newborn and child health (NMCH)
T-18972 - MGPB - Information - Upcoming vacancies in key multilateral organizations and global programs or relevance to CIDA
T-19796 - MGPB - Negotiation mandate for the Tenth Replenishment of the Asian Development Fund (ADF XI)
T-20670 - MGPB - Information - Upcoming vacancies in key Multilateral
T-19803 - MGPB - Organizations and global programs or relevance to CIDA (Fall 2011)
T-19823 - MGPB -UN Women long-term institutional support (FY 2011/12 and FY 2012/13)
UNHCR Long-term institutional support
Disclosed in part53
A-2012-00042Records, including but not limited to, briefing notes, memos, deck presentations prepared for Minister Oda's appearance at the meeting of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development March 14, 2012 for the period of January 1, 2012 to March 31, 2012.Disclosed in part118
A-2012-00043D1182W2011 - T-20492 - SPPB - Information - Canadians making a difference the expert Panel on Canada's Strategic Role in Global Health.
D1118W2011 - T-20074 - SPPB - Information - 2011 United Nations high-level meeting on the prevention and control of non communicable diseases.
Disclosed in part20
A-2012-00147Request information regarding funding World Association for Christian Communication from 2008-2011Disclosed in part159
A-2012-00156Requesting all annual reports for the following projects in South Sudan where possible: A034893-001, A034577-001, M013410-001, M013409-001, A033857-001, A034995-001, A034574-001, A034997-002, A033980-001, S064672-001.Disclosed in part135
A-2012-00191Records concerning a ministerial trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti in January 2012.Disclosed in part201
A-2012-00259The listing of all CIDA projects/contracts that were awarded to SNC-Lavalin over the past 10 years including the amounts that were awarded.All disclosed8
A-2012-00278Travel and hospitality expenses for the Minister for Port-au-Prince, Haiti, including but not limited to receipts, forms and emails 2012-01-08 to 2012-01-12.Disclosed in part201
A-2012-00346Project Number A035301-001, Canada Funds for Local Initiative in El Salvador for 2011-2012. Please include names of recipient institutions of organizations, description of projects being funded and any progress reports.All disclosed15
A-2012-00371Departmental Human Resources Strategic Plan - January 2009 to present (August 9, 2012)All disclosed2
A-2012-00384Final 'Ukraine Program' evaluation report referred to: disclosed102
A-2012-00391Information on contributions made under the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives in Bangladesh in the years 2006-2007All disclosed2