Credit Card Authorization Form - Service Requests Originating from a Canadian Office Abroad

This form constitutes an official authorization for a Canadian Office Abroad to charge your credit card for the payment of services requested. It is the only acceptable form for payment by credit card.

This form must be fully completed, signed and attached to any service request sent by mail to Canadian Office Abroad for which you wish to pay by credit card. It pertains only to programs and services delivered by Canadian Office Abroad on behalf of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada and Passport Canada.

For more information on programs delivered, procedures and methods of payment accepted at your local Canadian Office Abroad, please visit the Canadian Offices Abroad website for your country.

The form must contain the Canadian dollars amount authorized for services payment. You may refer to the pages below for lists of services and fees.

Please complete all applicable fields in the form below, print, sign and include as formal authorization of any payment by credit card for a service request sent to a Canadian Office Abroad:

Alternate non-fillable format (print, complete legibly and sign):

If you have questions or require assistance, our Enquiries Service can assist you. 

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