Lobbying Act

Designated Public Office Holders (DPOH) in DFATD

The following persons have been identified, pursuant to section 2.1 and 12.c.1 of the Lobbying Act, as Designated Public Office Holders (DPOH). As such they are prohibited from lobbying the federal government for five years after leaving their jobs. Designated Public Office Holders must also respond to inquiry by the Commissioner of Lobbying.

DPOH at headquarters (Ottawa)

Robert Nicholson
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ed Fast
Minister of International Trade

Christian Paradis
Minister of International Development and Minister of La Francophonie

Lynne Yelich
Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular)

Daniel Jean
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Simon Kennedy
Deputy Minister of International Trade

Malcolm Brown
Deputy Minister of International Development

Peter M. Boehm
Associate Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Susan Bincoletto
Assistant Deputy Minister, International Business Development

Kerry Buck
Assistant Deputy Minister, International Security

Ian Burney
Assistant Deputy Minister, Trade Agreements and Negotiations

Francis Trudel
Assistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources

Dan Costello
Assistant Deputy Minister, Europe, Middle East and Maghreb

William Crosbie
Assistant Deputy Minister, Consular, Security and Legal Affairs

Lise Filiatrault
Assistant Deputy Minister, Sub-Saharan Africa

Elissa Golberg
Assistant Deputy Minister, Partnerships for Development Innovation

Susan Gregson
Assistant Deputy Minister, Asia Pacific

Kirsten Hillman
Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Trade Policy and Negotiations

Paul Hunt
Assistant Deputy Minister, International Platform

Diane Jacovella
Assistant Deputy Minister, Global Issues and Development

David Morrison
Assistant Deputy Minister, Americas

Vincent Rigby
Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy

Arun Thangaraj
Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Planning, Finance and Information Technologie

Steve Verheul
Chief Trade Negotiator, European Union

DPOH in diplomatic missions

Jon Allen
Ambassador, Madrid, Spain

Yves Brodeur
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to NATO

Alexandra Bugailiskis
Ambassador, Warsaw, Poland

Greame Clark
Deputy Ambassador, Paris, France

Gordon Campbell
High Commissioner, London, United Kingdom

Lawrence Cannon
Ambassador, Paris, France

Mackenzie Clugston
Ambassador, Tokyo, Japan

Gary Doer
Ambassador, Washington, United States of America

Jonathan Fried
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the Conference on Disarmament and to the World Trade Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Marie Gervais-Vidricaire
Ambassador, Berlin, Germany

Sara Hradecky
Ambassador, Mexico, Mexico

Alan Kessel
Deputy High Commissioner, London, United Kingdom

Jamal Khokhar
Ambassador, Brasilia, Brazil

John Kur
Ambassador, Moscow, Russia

Deborah Lyons
Ambassador, Kabul, Afghanistan

Peter McGovern
Ambassador, Rome, Italy

Nadir Patel
High Commissioner, New Delhi, India

David Plunkett
Ambassador, European Union, Brussels, Belgium

Giovanni Prato
Consul General, New York, United States of America

Guillermo Rishchynski
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations, New York, United States of America

Sheila Riordon
Minister, Political, Washington, United States of America

Gilles Rivard
Ambassador, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Guy Saint-Jacques
Ambassador, Beijing, China

Denis Stevens
Deputy Ambassador, Washington, United States of America

Carmen Sylvain
Ambassador, Bogota, Colombia

Employees still subject to the Lobbying Act as DPOH

Stewart Beck

Kim Butler
On leave

Joseph Caron

Christine Desloges

Marketa Evans
Order in Council completed

Elaine Feldman

John Gero

Bruce Hirst

Ross Hornby

Blair James

Denis Kingsley

Marc Lortie

Ralph Lysyshyn

Grant Manuge

John McNee

John David Mulroney

Kevin O'Shea

Morris Rosenberg

David Schemmer
On leave

Sandelle Scrimshaw

Michael Small
On leave

Don Stephenson

Sue Stimpson

Jill Strik

Dan Sullivan
Order in Council completed

Ken Sunquist

Hau Sing Tse
On leave

James Wright