Open Data

Open Data

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada has a wide variety of data sets available in machine-readable format for researchers, students, media or anyone interested in foreign affairs, trade and international development issues.

Aid Transparency

Canada ranked 8th in the 2013 Aid Transparency Index—much improved from 32nd in 2012. Find out more about Canada’s commitment to the International Aid Transparency Initiative.

Foreign Affairs

This data set provides information on those who have served as heads of Canadians posts abroad.

International Development

Eight types of data sets are available, ranging from project-level to country-level information on Canada's international assistance activities.


Six data sets are available, ranging from contact information for trade commissioners to reports on particular commodities such as beef, veal and chickens.


Two data sets are available: one provides continually updated country travel advice, and another contains contact information for consular services to Canadian citizens abroad.