International Development Projects in Europe

Europe – International Development Projects

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Marker Projects
Blue marker Single location
Pink marker Province/state-wide
Yellow marker Multiple provinces/states
Green marker National
Orange marker Multiple countries
Purple marker Regional
Understanding the legend

The markers on the map are colour coded to illustrate the type of project and its geographic scope. Locations are either approximate or symbolic. Markers may reference activity sites, partner headquarters or capitals (provincial, national). Each marker on the map represents one project that may or may not have multiple locations, with the exception of yellow markers that represent projects that are active in more than one province or state.

Zoom in to see more markers, as not all are visible from the first view. Follow the links for more information about individual projects.

blue marker A blue marker indicates a project with a single location.

pink marker A pink marker represents a project that is active across one province or state. Symbolic markers are always placed on the capital of the province or state.

yellow marker A yellow marker signifies a project that takes place in more than one province or state. Markers are placed either on the approximate activity sites or symbolically on the provincial capitals.

green marker A green marker indicates a project that operates on the national level. Even though locations may be distributed throughout the country, the marker will be on the country capital.

orange marker An orange marker represents a project that takes place in multiple countries, possibly with multiple locations in each country. One marker per country is placed either on the approximate activity site or symbolically on the national capital.

purple marker A purple marker signifies a regional project - a project in more than one country aimed at strengthening regional institutions dealing with transboundary development challenges such as economic growth, food security, social development or regional integration - with a symbolic marker on the capital.

Humanitarian aid projects are shown only on capitals for security reasons.


This map should not be used for planning or statistical purposes.