DevHire (powered by DEVEX) is DFATD's new consultants database

CIDA's Consultants Database was functional for many years and was a useful tool in contracting the services of many consultants for low dollar value requirements. However, in order to offer a better service to consultants through a more robust consultants database—while fulfilling the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD)'s evolving requirements—DFATD is now using the services of DEVEX. Across the global aid community, DEVEX is renowned for providing various services including access to a large international consultants database.

Following a pilot period to assess the functionality of the DEVEX database, DFATD  began using DevHire to search and identify potential consultants for some of its low dollar value consultancy contracting needs. CIDA's Consultants Database is no longer available.

Consultants interested in learning more about DEVEX and wishing to register at no cost can obtain further information on the Devex website.

For further information, please contact: