Stimulating Sustainable Economic Growth

In keeping with its Aid Effectiveness Agenda, the Government of Canada is committed to making it's international assistance more effective, more focused, and more accountable. As well, Canada's international assistance is focused on five priority themes:

These priority themes address the challenges faced by partner countries and ensure that Canadian international assistance is achieving concrete results. They are supported by three crosscutting themes:

As many as 2.6 billion people live on less than $2 a day. Countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America have demonstrated that growing the economy is the best way to help people lift themselves out of poverty and stay out.

Canada focuses its international development assistance in this area on three paths to help developing countries grow their economies and provide new opportunities for their citizens. These are:

Building economic foundations

  • Strengthening public financial management at national, regional and local levels
  • Improving legal/regulatory frameworks and systems to stabilize economies
  • Supporting governments and private sector companies to expand their business and integrate into regional and global markets
  • Building capacities to sustainably manage natural resources

Growing businesses

  • Strengthening support for micro, small and medium-sized private sector businesses, particularly those owned by women
  • Increasing productivity

Investing in people

  • Increasing access to demand-driven skills training (including literacy and numeracy)
  • Increasing workplace learning opportunities (particularly in agriculture)
  • Supporting learning initiatives which lead to business growth, market expansion and increased productivity