Get involved

Internships and volunteering

Group of young people; ACGC

Internships, in Canada or abroad, offer you hands-on experience in working with organizations involved in international development. Find out more about our Internship Opportunities. You can also volunteer your time to many organizations, both in Canada or in a developing country.

Start by finding an organization that focuses on an aspect of international development that interests you. Explore their website to learn more and then contact them to find out how you can get involved.

You can also get involved in your own community by starting your own group or organization. Focus on an aspect of international development that interests you. Decide what the goal of your group will be. Recruit people with similar interests and work with them towards your goal.

Studying international development

Study international development or subjects that make a difference in international development efforts (university and college-level programs).

Find a job in international development

Also check out, a Canadian website for the non-profit sector with job listings, volunteer listings and resources and for job opportunities with the federal government.

Sharing knowledge

Be inspired by what other youth have done.