Analytical Report Series

Analytic reports on various topics of interest to the department

APS No. 008: East Asian Value Chains and the Global Financial Crisis

APS No. 007: Canadian Performance in the U.S. Market, 1995-2009

APS No. 006: Patterns of Diversification in Canadian Exports 1999-2008

APS no. 005: An Index of Canada-U.S. Economic Integration

APS no. 004: Competition from China is not largely responsible for Canada’s decline in share of U.S. imports

APS no. 003: The Impact of Higher Commodity Prices on Canada’s Trade Balance

APS no. 002: Canadian Direct Investment Abroad: What Role Do Differences in Technology Play in Vertical and Horizontal Direct Investment?

APS no. 001: China-Canada competition in the U.S. market

Assessment of“Employment Implications of Trade Liberalization with East Asia”