Quarterly Economic Indicators

Pocket-sized fact sheet on Canadian quarterly economic indicators

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Pocket Facts: Canada - Economic Indicators at a Glance
* Seasonally adjusted at annual rate
** Not seasonally adjusted
Gross Domestic Product (Current $) ($B)1,760.01,820.01,881.21,956.5*
Real GDP Growth2.5%1.7%2.0%3.1%*
GDP Per Capita$51,248$52,367$53,507$55,225 
Exports of Goods & Services as % of GDP30.7%30.0%30.1%31.7% 
Imports of Goods & Services as % of GDP32.0%32.0%31.8%32.7% 
Terms of Trade (2007 = 100.0) Index99.698.598.598.0 
Federal Government Balance (National Accounts) ($B)-30.0-17.9-13.8-7.3 
CPI - Rate of Inflation - year-over-year2.9%1.5%0.9%0.1%**
Unemployment Rate7.4%7.2%7.1%7.0% 
Employment Growth - year-over-year1.6%1.2%1.3%0.9% 
Population (Millions)34.34334.75435.15835.428 
Pocket Facts: Canada - Economic Indicators
* Seasonally adjusted at annual rate
** Not seasonally adjusted
Investment, Net Flows ($B)
Foreign direct investment in Canada, net flows39.343.069.414.8 
Canadian direct investment abroad, net flows51.655.447.07.7 
Investment (Stocks) Position at the End of Period ($B)
Cumulative Foreign Direct Investment in Canada603.5626.8686.3n.a.**
Cumulative Canadian Direct Investment Abroad675.0712.6779.3n.a.**
Balance of Payments, Current Account ($B)
Exports of Goods & Services540.7546.6565.9155.0 
Imports of Goods & Services562.5582.8597.6159.7 
Trade Balance on Goods & Services-21.9-36.2-31.7-4.7 
Balance on Current Account-48.5-62.2-60.3-11.9 
Travel ($B)
Total Receipts from Travel16.617.418.24.8 
Total Payments for Travel33. 
Selected Components of GDP ($B)
Wages, Salaries & Supplementary Labour Income883.8923.4957.2988.0*
Corporate Profits Before Taxes497.8501.5511.9542.8*
Federal Government Expenditures275.2271.2275.7276.3*
Provincial Government Expenditures400.5409.6421.9433.0*
Business Investment Fixed Capital334.2359.7365.9374.0*
Contribution to Real GDP by Selected Sectors
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting1.6%1.6%1.8%1.6% 
Mining and oil and gas extraction8.1%8.0%8.1%8.5% 
Construction and utilities9.5%9.7%9.6%9.4% 
Wholesale & retail trade, transportation and storage15.0%15.0%15.0%15.3% 
Finance, insurance and real estate services19.0%19.1%19.3%19.4% 
Information, culture, arts, entertainment and recreation4.1%4.1%4.0%4.0% 
Professional, administrative and hospitality services10.6%10.6%10.6%10.5% 
Education, health, social and government services21.3%21.2%21.0%20.8% 
Research and Development
Gross Expenditures on R&D (GERD) ($B)
(GERD) as % of GDP1.70%1.65%1.62%n.a.
Annual Average Interest Rates - Banks Prime rates:
United States3.25%3.25%3.25%3.25% 
Annual Average Exchange Rates: 1 Cdn $ in
U.S. Dollar1.0111.0000.9710.917 
Pound Sterling0.6300.6310.6210.545 
Australian dollar0.9800.9661.0030.983 
Mexican peso12.5413.1512.3911.92 
Pocket Facts: Canadian Foreign Trade (Customs Basis)
* Seasonally adjusted at annual rate
** Not seasonally adjusted
Total Merchandise Exports ($B)446.7454.8472.0257.8**
Total Merchandise Imports ($B)446.7462.0475.6251.1**
Merchandise Exports ($B)
Farm, fishing and intermediate food products24.327.528.115.3**
Energy products105.1108.0115.569.6**
Metal ores and non-metallic minerals20.419.018.49.1**
Metal and non-metallic mineral products58.652.853.026.7**
Basic and industrial chemical, plastic and rubber products34.932.234.117.5**
Forestry products and building and packaging materials30.730.834.018.4**
Industrial machinery, equipment and parts23.124.424.312.9**
Electronic and electrical equipment and parts20.620.319.910.1**
Motor vehicles and parts57.065.865.534.5**
Aircraft and other transportation equipment and parts14.115.415.68.9**
Consumer goods46.546.450.327.1**
Five Major Export Markets based on 2013 Exports (Share of Total Exports)
United States73.6%74.5%75.9%77.3%**
China, People's Republic3.8%4.3%4.3%3.7%**
United Kingdom4.2%4.1%3.0%2.5%**
Merchandise Imports ($B)
Farm, fishing and intermediate food products12.112.313.27.9**
Energy products47.544.744.423.2**
Metal ores and non-metallic minerals10.710.211.65.1**
Metal and non-metallic mineral products42.841.838.120.3**
Basic and industrial chemical, plastic and rubber products36.038.140.923.1**
Forestry products and building and packaging materials18.620.521.111.2**
Industrial machinery, equipment and parts42.545.345.525.5**
Electronic and electrical equipment and parts55.355.656.727.6**
Motor vehicles and parts74.282.985.145.3**
Aircraft and other transportation equipment and parts13.012.815.08.4**
Consumer goods88.691.996.749.6**
Five Major Suppliers based on 2013 Imports (Share of Total Imports)
United States49.6%50.6%52.1%54.7%**
China, People's Republic10.8%11.0%11.1%10.7%**

Notes: ($B) = Billions of Canadian Dollars
Source: Statistics Canada-CANSIM
Revised: August 29, 2014

Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD)
Office of the Chief Economist (BEA)
Enquiries: tradestats.bpe@international.gc.ca