Annual Economic Indicators

Data on key indicators of the Canadian Economy

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Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD)
Office of the Chief Economist (BEA)


Canada - Economic Indicators 2010-2014
Gross Domestic Product (Current $B)1,662.81,770.01,831.21,893.81,974.8
GDP Per Capita ($)48,89751,54052,69453,87055,566
Real GDP (chained 2007 $B)1,593.41,640.51,672.11,705.61,747.2
Real GDP Growth3.4%3.0%1.9%2.0%2.4%
Contribution to Real GDP by Selected Sectors (2007 chained $)
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting1.6%1.6%1.6%1.8%1.6%
Mining and oil and gas extraction7.9%8.1%8.0%8.1%8.5%
Construction and utilities9.4%9.5%9.7%9.8%9.6%
Wholesale & retail trade, transportation and warehousing14.9%15.1%15.0%15.0%15.2%
Finance, insurance and real estate services18.9%19.0%19.1%19.3%19.4%
Information, culture, arts, entertainment and recreation4.2%4.1%4.0%4.0%3.9%
Professional services, restaurants and hotels10.7%10.7%10.7%10.7%10.6%
Education, health, social and government services21.6%21.3%21.1%20.9%20.7%
Terms of Trade (2007=100.0) (Index)97.299.698.498.597.5
Exports of Goods & Services as percent of GDP29.1%30.6%30.2%30.2%31.6%
Imports of Goods & Services as percent of GDP31.0%31.8%32.1%31.8%32.5%
Federal Government
Balance (National Accounts) ($B)-39.0-31.1-17.4-12.7-4.4
CPI - Rate of Inflation1.8%2.9%1.5%0.9%2.0%
Unemployment Rate8.0%7.5%7.3%7.1%6.9%
Population (Million)34.034.334.835.235.5
Research and Development
Gross Expenditures on R&D (GERD) ($B)30.631.531.330.730.6
(GERD) as % of GDP1.84%1.78%1.71%1.62%1.55%
Annual Average Interest Rates - Banks Prime rates
United States3.25%3.25%3.25%3.25%3.25%
Annual Average Exchange Rates: 1 Cdn $ in
U.S. Dollar0.971.011.000.970.91
Pound Sterling0.630.630.630.620.55
Chinese renminbi6.576.536.315.975.58
Mexican peso12.2612.5413.1512.3912.04
Japanese Yen85.0380.5279.7494.6195.60

Source: Statistics Canada, Bank of Canada.